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Juno Meaning in Astrology Through the Signs & Houses

Forget about Venus or Mars, it is actually Juno, the asteroid, that reveals the type of partner you need in a long term relationship in astrology (this can apply to both romantic partner and close friend). Mars and Venus will show you your love language, but Juno reveals the qualities that are essential for you to decide if someone can be invited into your inner circle or not. It is a very helpful placement to look into if you want to see if someone is a good fit with you or not in the long run.

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You can start by looking at your Juno sign and house placement. As you get experience with the asteroid, you explore the aspect it made with other planets, especially, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

When you meet someone whose qualities match both your Juno sign and house placement, it can give a feeling of finding “the one”.


Juno meaning through the signs & houses

Let’s explore Juno’s meanings in each sign of the natal chart. When interpreting your Juno astrological sign, keep in mind that this connection is appropriate for you to be satisfied, not necessarily the kind of relationship you are attracted to.

Juno meaning in astrology: Aries to Virgo

Juno In Aries/1st House

You want someone who is courageous, bold and spontaneous. To make it work, that person needs to be straightforward with dealing with you. You’d very much prefer a heated argument over silence treatment, it makes you feel the relationship is alive. You can’t stand any passive aggressiveness in your close circle. You want someone who is not needy. Aries Juno can also suggest a relationship that is consuming, you or your partner may want to be defined by the relationship that it become your identity.

Juno In Taurus/2nd house

You want someone who is financially stable/capable, who you can enjoy the finer things in life with. Both of you will work hard to reach your financial goals. You prefer being cozy on the couch than going out for adventures.

Your ideal partner should be patient and not hot-headed, you/your partner don’t like to fight, and are probably quite stubborn, it won’t be easier to work out differences between but the good thing is both of you will give it a lot for time (years) until you decide something doesn’t work.

Juno In Gemini/3rd house

Gemini Juno is sapiosexual.  Your ideal partner is cerebral and can hold up intellectual discussions. They may be younger than you, as Gemini,  unlike Capricorn, suggests younger partners. Words of affirmations are important for any relationships to last. 

You and your partner like to socialize with others, discuss world events or philosophy in cafes, play board games or any things that involve a mental challenge. Relationships with Juno in Gemini can play out a lot like Woody Allen’s movies.

Juno In Cancer/4th house

Loyalty plays a major role in relationships between Cancer and Juno. You want someone who knows how to respond to your emotions. Thoughtful, tender, protective are the qualities you want from an ideal partner. A certain level of emotional sensitivities is needed, they must be emotionally aware of one another and express their love by standing up for each other and caring for each other. More than anything, a dream home is very important for you, you may choose to move in with each other right away. 

Juno In Leo/5th house

You need someone who is fun, loving, popular and that you are proud to be with.

You are affectionate towards each other and probably involve a lot of physical touch. Whether consciously or subconsciously, you like to show off each other.  

Juno in Leo want themselves/or their spouse to be in a position of power or prominence or be married to someone who does. See where you need these expressive traits most by looking to the house Juno is located in.

Juno In Virgo/6th house

You appreciate the routine which you establish with your partner, quite likely including a pet or two. Virgo Juno is very stable and practical. It’s a very practical partnership that relies on unselfish giving on both sides. It may also relate to ordinary activities, routines, and straightforward acts of affection like doing the dishes.

You want someone who appreciates the little things you do for them or vice versa. One thing to be aware of is that, it is likely you or your partner hold each other to a high standard which you cannot maintain.

Juno in astrology: Libra to Pisces

Juno In Libra/7th house

Libra Juno, you want someone who is stylish, caring and fair. Having good social skill is also an important quality, you don’t want someone who is overly introverted. You love going to the museums, galleries, art exhibitions or anything that involves aesthetics.

Unlike Aries Juno, it is likely you and your partner will not seek out direct argument, it is important to address the issues while they are still small, Libra Juno’s anger can be explosive with things left unresolved for too long.

Juno is most at home in Libra, since Libra rules partnership and is the ruler of the seventh house.

Juno In Scorpio/8th house

At first, you want someone who is mysterious and sexually attractive. You want the partner to be your ride or die. For a relationship to last, you need to know everything about each other and have total trust. You can’t stand one bit of dishonesty, even if the truth is hurtful, you’d prefer to know the truth.

Relationships with Juno in Scorpio will be highly intense and emotional. The emotional bond between you will be strong and passionate. More often than not, a relationship with Scorpio Juno is transformative.

One thing to be aware of is that when either one of you feels betrayed, things are not going to look pretty!

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Juno In Sagittarius/9th house

You want someone who is adventurous, free-spirited and doesn’t bother with the small details. It may take a while for you both to be committed to each other but it is important that you share the same interests/hobbies and philosophy in life. You want someone with a different ethnicity or cultural background than you. Traveling and exploring can be a big theme for Juno in Sagittarius.

Juno In Capricorn/10th house

Juno in Capricorn appreciates the traditional male/female dynamic in a relationship. You want someone who is authoritative, serious and capable, perhaps someone with a high social status, someone in a position of power.

You want someone to partner up with to be a power couple. You and the partner must be able to build together, a family, business, status or what not. Capricorn is all about traditional means of success. You don’t mind a relationship that may seem “boring” to most people, actually is it exactly what you like about it. You want rules and groundedness over excitement and fun. You/your partner may not show your affections and emotions easily.

Juno In Aquarius/11th house

You want someone who is unexpected. Different from your family’s expectations especially. You want a partner who is unique and stands out. You want a partner that holds a different philosophy than the mainstream or someone who shares your unorthodox thinking. It is more important that you share the same views than to share your emotions since Aquarius can be quite detached. You and your partner are likely to work toward reaching some sort of ideology.

Juno In Pisces/12th house

Juno in Pisces wants someone who is creative, caring and loves unconditionally. Pisces Juno is literally looking for a soul mate. Until you find the ultimate partner it is likely that you’d remain unattached. You want someone who knows what you want without using a word, this is the kind of understanding Pisces Juno is looking for. Before you grow to understand this placement, you may project this ideal onto the wrong partner.

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