The 1st House: Self-Identity

The 1st House resides in the Northeast hemisphere of a natal chart, naturally, it is an angular, Aries house ruled by Mars. The keyword of the first house is “I Am“, the cusp of the 1st house is the ascendent (ASC), the sign on your ascendant is known as the rising sign, the traits of the rising sign gives you an idea of your personality, identity, how you express yourself as well as how your expressions are perceived by the surroundings.

The rising sign has significant influences on the shaping of your personality, so do the planets in the house, and the aspects of those planets and the ASC. If you have an empty first house, it simply means that you do not have any planetary influences on your personality or outward expression. It shouldn’t be perceived as “less than” or “bad”.

Zodiac Sign of 1st House

Aries on 1st House Cusp / Aries Rising

Aries is a cardinal fire sign, having an Aries rising gives you an independent, self-starting and competitive persona. Cardinal signs are the leaders of the zodiac. You like to do things your way and you do it fast, often diving head-first into anything that catches your attention or interest. It may frustrate you and causes you to be pushier if you don’t get what you want. You may have a tendency to make a competition out of everything that you are involved in. Extroverted and energetic, doing sport is an excellent way to channel excessive energy.

Taurus on 1st House Cusp / Taurus Rising

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a fixed earth sign which loves stability, tangible beauty likes fine dining and luxury goods. You are sensual and enjoy the finer things in life, money is important to you and you are likely to be involved in a banking or finance-related career. You can be quite stubborn and single-minded about what you believe in and do not give in easily, sometimes for no concrete reason. Taurus is also known for being loyal and tends to indulge in sensual pleasures in the bedroom.

Gemini on 1st House Cusp / Gemini Rising

With your first house of cusp on Gemini, a mutable air sign, you are talkable, bubbly and enjoy intellectual conversations. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which can give you an active, fast-moving mind. You are observant and curious about the world and the people around you. Freedom and intellectual independence are important to you. Through your active observation, it’s likely that you have a holistic view of your surroundings, you enjoy interactions with people who know as much as you do or more than you do, and you could be impatient with things you have no interest in.

Cancer on 1st House Cusp  / Cancer Rising

New friends may say they have met you before after a few drinks, your nurturing watery energy gives off a sense of familiarity to those around you. Cancer risings may come across sensitive and approachable, but those who take it as weakness will probably feel sorry later. You are in tune with your emotions like the ebb and flow of the Moon. Sincere partnerships are important for you, they are your safe place where you can retreat to whenever the world gets too heavy to deal with. You may lose yourself or be overly giving to those you care about.

Leo on 1st House Cusp / Leo Rising

Warm, light-hearted and confident, Leo risings are at heart fun-loving children. You are very present and creative in your self-expression. Like the Sun, Leo’s ruler, you have the ability to become the centre of attention effortlessly on many occasions. You are proud of yourself and want those you care about to be proud of you. With the right work ethic and direction, you can easily shine in your field. In a true diva spirit, you can be a little dramatic at times.

Virgo on 1st House Cusp / Virgo Rising

Virgo is known for its neat aesthetic and perfectionism, Virgo risings are well put together and organised. In whatever you do, you thrive to make it perfect. Making analysis and being of service are both your favourite hobbies, you have a desire to help and offer advice, sometimes in the form of criticisms, especially if it is your close friends or family on the receiving end. You also have the tendency to get stuck in the head by worry too much.

Libra on 1st House Cusp / Libra Rising

Partnership-oriented, Libra rising people tend to go the extra mile to maintain a pleasant disposition. This sometimes can backfire, as you try too hard to avoid confrontation, including bottling up your own emotions, even when it is needed. You are a great mediator as you can see both sides of the story and have a strong sense of justice. Ruled by Venus, you have a good sense of aesthetics and have a love for art. You may have a tendency to want to please everyone. Being an air sign, you have an active mind and a pocket full of fun facts.

Scorpio on 1st House Cusp / Scorpio Rising

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio risings have a magnetic, sexual and mysterious appeal, it is the most intense sign in the zodiac, and it symbolises transformation and having control. Co-ruled by Mars, you are like an introverted Aries, you are innately competitive and like to have it your own way, but unlike Aries, you don’t express it in an “in-your-face” kind of way.  Since Scorpio is a water sign, you are very intuitive about the motives of others and will do good in group and public careers.

Sagittarius on 1st House Cusp / Sagittarius Rising

The world is your oyster — that’s how Sagittarius rising approach life. You are enthusiastic, adventurous and have many interests. As a fire sign, you like to be active and tend to act on impulse and come across as blunt. Ruled by Jupiter, you carry a natural sense of optimism and confidence and enjoy having fun through exposing yourself to different experiences. As a result, you will become a good storyteller.

Capricorn on 1st House Cusp / Capricorn Rising

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the most enduring sign in the zodiac. Hardworking, persistent and responsible, you have unwavering ambition for success and excellent execution ability. As an earth sign, you are grounded and appreciate discipline, you may seem cold, reserved and serious at first. Capricorn rising may have a tendency to over-control or be overly rigid, both on themselves and other people. You believe slowly and steadily you will win the race, and that is true to a lot of Capricon rising.

Aquarius on 1st House Cusp / Aquarius Rising

Aquarius risings should be easy to spot, ruled by innovative Uranus, you take a unique approach when it comes to your sense of style and expression and dislike anything that is “basic”. Individualism is very important to you, you may have the tendency to rebel against the system or any authority who try to control you. You are progressive, intellectual and cares about the bigger picture, and want to change the world for the better. As a fixed sign, you can be quite stubborn or over-fixated in your vision and beliefs.

Pisces on 1st House Cusp / Pisces Rising

Compassionate, creative and imaginative, Pisces rising people can exude an air of dream and magic. Co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, Pisces risings are able to maintain their optimism through their own objective, at times fantastical, lens. You tend to attract partners who can keep you grounded and you can offer empathy in return. Intuitive and sensitive like other water signs, you operate with your feelings first and like to go with the flow to expand your horizon.


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