The 2nd House: Self-Value

The 2nd House resides in the Northeast hemisphere of a natal chart, together with the 1st house and the 3rd house, this part of the natal chart is the Quadrant 1, symbolising self-development.

Also known as the House of Value or the House of Possession, the 2nd house is a natural Taurus house and it is ruled by Venus. This house is all about personal finance, self-worth, material possession and debt. The sign of the house shows the style you handle this kind of thing and the planets in the house show additional planetary influences to this area of your life and indicate what you value the most.

Depending on the house system you use, you may have two zodiac signs occupying the house at the same time, in this case, we will look at the sign that is on the cusp (the start of the house, usually left-hand side) of the house.

Meaning of 2nd house through the signs

Understanding the relationship between the 2nd house and the sign on its cusp can reveal some fundamental insights into how you operate when it comes to your personal finance and value. Indeed, this is just one small piece of the puzzle, to see a bigger picture, there are many other factors (eg. aspects, planets, transits etc.) that need to be put into consideration.

Aries on 2nd House Cusp 

The go-getter of the zodiac, Aries energy is impulsive and headstrong. You are practical, have a strong drive to be successful (in your own definition) with money. Avoid spontaneous purchase if you can, as you may also have the tendency to overspend on impulse, buying things simply based on the heat of the moment hand to own them.

Taurus on 2nd House Cusp

Taurus’s energy flows favourably when it is in the 2nd house, you are likely very good at making money and thrive to establish your finance to effort a luxurious lifestyle. However, since Taurus is a fixed sign, you may not be so flexible for change once you have figured out the “formula” for your financial success, and therefore can lose out on opportunities.

Gemini on 2nd House Cusp

With Gemini in the 2nd house, you are likely a hustler with multiple income streams, you are just forever curious about how you can make more money. Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury,  the planet of communication, you may have a podcast, YouTube channel, blog or all of the above, you could also be a public speaker or a teacher.

Cancer on 2nd House Cusp

Having a stable income or a certain amount in the bank is important for you, with Cancer in the 2nd house, it is likely that your sense of security comes from your personal finance and possessions. You are also likely to make money from career fields that align with your core value, you may not be able to stay a job just for the coin. As a water sign, Cancer is emotion, so you benefit from thinking things through before making big decisions regarding your finance.

Leo on 2nd House Cusp 

You take pride in your career or at least in the way you make money. Leo is a born leader, you are naturally charismatic and therefore are likely to be successful as this is a beneficial trait in the world of business. You probably don’t see your work as work since you tend to have fun doing it. You have the tendency to chase and indulge in a luxurious lifestyle.

Virgo on 2nd House Cusp

You are superb thorough when it comes to money, you remember the cost of every bill, every credit card’s due date and how much you have spent on them. However, you also have the tendency to be overly obsessed or worried about the details. You are practical and you work very hard to achieve your financial goals (and enjoy them). You are likely to make the most money on your own through communication.

Libra on 2nd House Cusp 

Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, you have a sophisticated taste and are attracted to aesthetic-oriented careers like art, beauty, fashion, as well as relationship-oriented career. You are likely to have a partner in your financial pursue or will do better when you have one since Libra tend to spend too much time in the head and therefore lack action or decision when needed. Having an action-oriented partner will help balance it out.

Scorpio on 2nd House Cusp

Scorpio in this position can indicate that naturally, you care about making money and are very careful about how you spend, it is likely that you are a finance expert as you dig deep to learn everything you can about money management. You have your eyes and hands on your finance. As Scorpio is a water sign, it can mean that you are emotionally attached to your finance, possession and value, and can be emotional when it comes to making decisions.

Sagittarius on 2nd House Cusp

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, you may have a tendency to splash on expensive purchases, you can also be a little careless when dealing with your finance but also thanks to Jupiter, you are likely lucky when it comes to money which helps you maintain your optimism. You may earn money through travelling, teaching, writing a cultural blog or running a philosophy Youtube channel.

Capricorn on 2nd House Cusp

The dedication and ambition you have towards achieving your financial goals are unmatched, you may not be the first to meet the finish line but your effort and discipline will take you way higher than most. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitation and restriction, it is likely that you have a traditional approach to making money like climbing the corporate ladder. Saving up is great, but don’t forget to let yourself enjoy the fruit of your labour every now and then.

Aquarius on 2nd House Cusp

Aquarius is unique, individualistic yet community-minded, having Aquarius on the cusp of your 2nd house indicate that a typical 9-5 job may not be the best way for you to make money as Aquarius is about being original and serving humanity. Its ruler Uranus is the planet of sudden changes and innovation, it can imply that your finance can be somewhat unstable at times, so don’t make impulsive purchases, save up and do what you love.

Pisces on 2nd House Cusp

Naturally, you may not value tangible things or materials possessions since the Piscean energy is somewhat otherworldly with an emphasis on compassion and empathy. The way you deal with finance and making money may operate on the subconscious level — you tend to go with the flow and let the universe handle it — and in most cases it seems to work well. Since you are already in the flow, if you can cultivate a more grounded approach, it will likely lead to more material abundance.



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