Lunar Nodes

Natal North Node in Aquarius

North Node in Aquarius

People who have the North Node in Aquarius have an innate desire to be different, “normal” is boring to them, they value individuality and blending in is not the way to live for them. They despise being like everyone else, and some may grow up moving away from their physical home and the philosophical and sociological influences they were taught when young. There is a tendency to become overly attached to relationship dramas. You may also rebel against the norm just to stand out as unique. In fact, one of the main aspect of your personality is your drive to rebel.

South Node in Leo

With a natal south node in Leo, it can suggest that you are quite different from your family, if you have any siblings, it is likely that you have different/opposite interests and talents, for example, if you were creative, your siblings would have been academic, if you were an introvert, they, extrovert, you get the idea. You are also likely to have different hobbies and life philosophy than your family and peers. You have a desire to be yourself and perhaps you were aware of your uniqueness since an early age. Regardless of your family background, you are likely to be the first to do something your family have not done. It’s likely that your parents emphasized traditional values, like the value of having a stable job, being a responsible citizen. You saw them exercising all the chores required to live a secure, predictable life. You were encouraged to play, have fun, explore, and focus on anything that sparked your imagination as they worked. You were rewarded for your skill to amuse yourself. Your parents left a lot of decisions up to you because they wanted to offer you the chance to live a life that was better than their own.

Aquarius North Node

Aquarius north node is likely to give you a very different perspective on yourself compared to the people your age. Nonetheless, you learned how to get along with people. You have a knack for saying and doing the right thing and are laid-back, amiable, and sociable. You developed flexibility and the ability to act in accordance with expectations while having independent thoughts and retaining your own internal conversations. In order to discover your way, you required a clear, decisive, rigorous, and demanding atmosphere that you might rebel against. On the other side, if you had the advantage of growing up in such a rigid atmosphere, you probably learnt to defy authority figures, the status quo, and anything that seemed to suggest that there were restrictions on possibilities.

You also learn to rebel against any idea, method, or established habit that is regarded to be what other people should be doing. Even when they themselves created the initial restrictions that start to seem restrictive, there are instances when the desire to rebel is so strong that they manage to find an excuse to do so. 

The mission for North Node in Aquarius is to discover a cause or a niche and committing yourself fully to it is the goal of your quest. You sway from the mainstream culture and are drawn to subcultures. You look for groups of individuals who deviates from the society at large. You want to be a part of something revolutionary, you get a thrill from being part of a collective that stand out and is able to make an impact from their unquiness. No matter which sub cultures or niche you choose to be involved in, the thrill of exploration, testing, and discovery of new ideas fills your heart.

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