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Natal North Node in Leo

North Node in Leo

Leo North Node, the spotlight is where you belong. People with a natal Leo north node are here in this lifetime to master self-expression and express their creativity to the world, once can become known in their field of choice. Here, the difficulty is in avoiding the simple mistake of caring about what other people think of you. Instead, you must overcome your fear and embark on your own unique and innovative route.

South Node in Aquarius

With a natal south node in Aquarius, you could have had a childhood dream of becoming an artist, singer, actress, or host of a radio or television discussion show. You possess a unique ability or gift that your family is aware of even when you are still relatively young. But it also happens that the gift is one that is overlooked, not developed, or not promoted. It could be the case where your family lacks the resources to make the commitment necessary to help you pursue the dream. You probably grew up in a household where your families are comfortable fitting in, playing the roles assigns by society’s expectations or they spend more of their energy on those less fortunate than themselves, of those who were physically or socially disabled or were unable to achieve the status they earned in society. and therefore neglect the need of those closest to them, including you, they may for some reason, think that you could take care of yourself just fine. You may have been asked to pursue your parents’ interests or what your parents think is right for you rather than create your own.

Leo North Node

Oftentimes, those with a north node in Leo have a propensity to chase fame and money. They make promises to themselves that if they are successful, they will contribute freely to charity, share their riches with the poor, or otherwise practice philanthropy (of course, in exchange for enormous acclaim and recognition for their contributions!). When they are young, individuals occasionally think that they will become renowned for discovering a cure for cancer or some other terrible disease. Or they will develop into a wonderful and noble leader for their nation. When they grow up, they envision themselves accomplishing heroic deeds that will earn them worldwide acclaim for their achievements.

With the north node in Leo, you radiate warmth and joy to everyone around you when you feel good about yourself. You need to learn to become confident about yourself and filled with the conviction that you have a particular gift to share with the world and trust that the world will receive what you have to offer. You have the right to have fun and to investigate the benefits of leadership in any setting you choose. One of the challenges you confront is to accept and recognize your right to enjoy life.

It’s a sign that you have found your path where you gain the understanding of the value of every individual in a society, even though we are stronger as a collective, everyone has to play their role for it to work, and so you do. It is easy for you to lose sight of your individuality and ignore your own creative pursuit. You are aware of your limitless potential, but somehow lack the motivation or catalyst, it could be challenging for you to be joyful and proud of your life’s accomplishments. You probably actively inspire people to “be all they can be” by supporting their aspirations and embracing their uniqueness. You assist people in every manner you can to help them reach their objectives and you support their success in life. You are upbeat, competent, sociable, outgoing, and kind to the people you care about. Your goal is to have the confidence to acknowledge your own importance, devotion, and emotional power.

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