Lunar Nodes

Pisces North Node and Virgo South Node

Pisces North Node / Virgo South Node

Meaning of North Node and South Node in Astrology

Also known as the Dragon’s Head and the Dragon’s Tail, the lunar nodes are not objects but in fact two mathematical points in the sky. In astrology, your north node represents the north star, your destiny, the talents that you need to acquire and master in this life, while the south node represents your comfort zone, skills that you have already mastered in past lives, talents that you can easily pick up or come naturally to you. Read more and find your north node.

North Node in Pisces

With your natal north node in the sign of Pisces, you are very drawn to music, poetry and the unknown, yet you may hold back expressing yourself creatively especially in public for the fear of criticism and being in the unknown. It is because of your Virgo south node, you are naturally a perfectionist and you know how harsh critics can be as you are one yourself. Despite the pull to pursue a creative path, which is often unpredictable and without much routine or structure, you may fall back on 9 to 5 jobs or a path that you know for sure will bring you some sort of tangible rewards and stability.

South Node in Virgo

You are diligent and have excellent execution ability. You have no problem performing logical tasks and you complete them with perfection effortlessly. You love to analyse things first before delving into them. You may be a workaholic and tend to beat yourself up for not meeting your high and perhaps unrealistic standard.

The Integration

Learn to trust your intuition and have faith in the universe. Delve into spirituality, cultivate compassion towards others and be less judgemental. Embrace imperfections and progress, reward yourself or others when improvements are made. It’s not gonna be easy but learns to love unconditionally. Allow yourself to create and don’t beat yourself up if the work does not meet your vision/high expectation. Toss them and try again, practice makes perfect. Let others help themselves, don’t rush to lend your helping hand. Remind yourself you deserve to be happy just by being. Embrace the dual nature of your logical and creative side, both are as valid as the other.

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