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Black Moon Lilith Meaning Through the Signs & Houses

Like a self-imposed prison, the natal placement of Black Moon Lilith can show where we are not happy about in life. Read on the find out about Lilith meaning through the houses and signs in the natal chart.

What is Lilith, the black moon?

Black Moon Lilith is not a planet or physical object. Like the lunar nodes, black moon Lilith is a point, and should not be mixed up with the asteroid called Lilith.  Black Moon Lilith represents the point where the moon is farthest from earth during its orbit. You may also heard of Selena, the White Moon, it is like a second moon that might be orbiting around the Earth every seven years. It’s not the same as an asteroid called Selene. Selena is the opposite of Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith in Astrology

Astrology is about studying the stars and planets and how they affect our lives. Black Moon Lilith is a part of astrology that people study to learn more about themselves. Lilith can show us places in our life where we feel uncomfortable or ashamed, and some people deal with these issues through their sexual experiences. Lilith is part of astrology and has connections to sexuality. For instance, if Lilith is in Aries or Libra, there might be a theme of being controlled. If Lilith is in Taurus or Scorpio, there might be issues of possession. If you want to know how someone behaves in bed, check their Venus, Moon, and Mars signs first. Then look at their Eros sign and others.

Meaning natal Lilith placement in birth chart

The place where Lilith is in your birth chart could be where you have felt bad, judged, criticized, restricted, not understood, or held back. You might feel nervous or scared to be yourself around others and may not like it when other people are totally themselves. Sometimes people with Lilith’s sign or house might have a problem where they do things to the extreme, and then feel guilty about it afterwards. This can involve overeating and then trying to get rid of the food. 

This means that we get rid of certain parts of ourselves. Eventually, we really want them and do anything to get them, even if it hurts us in the end. We keep doing this over and over again.
For instance, if someone’s Lilith is in Aries, they may feel uncomfortable speaking up for themselves. If someone has Lilith in Aries and wants to show their strength, it may not feel normal for them. As a result, they may come off as aggressive or disorganized. Later, they regret their behavior and promise to never do it again.

The process goes on until they understand they have the right to express themselves.
To overcome this, we must understand and acknowledge our personality traits and find ways to adapt and use them in our daily lives without being afraid or feeling guilty. We might expect too much of ourselves in some situations and pretend that we don’t care. Going there can be hard because you might feel scared and embarrassed, but it can also make you feel strong.

Meaning of Natal Lilith through the Zodiac Signs & Houses

Lilith in Aries/ Lilith in 1st house

Lilith in Aries has thought that being too focused on themselves and making decisions only for themselves is not a good thing and makes them seem selfish. They might have felt embarrassed or guilty for acting selfishly, trying to be in charge without permission, or making choices that only benefit themselves. They might not like people who act confident like Aries because they’re surprised they do it without saying sorry. They might be scared to be in charge or make important decisions, but at the same time they want to, so they sometimes act really extreme about it. The most important thing is to learn how to be okay with these qualities that people have about themselves. This can also happen with Lilith in the first house.

Lilith in Taurus / Lilith in 2nd house

Lilith in Taurus who was born under Taurus, has felt bad about being selfish, not sharing things with others, being too possessive, and having fun without saying sorry. People sometimes feel bad for doing certain things, like keeping too much stuff or getting rid of too much. This can cause them to act in different ways, like never indulging in anything or never getting too comfortable. They feel guilty for doing these things. They might struggle to feel fully happy, but also get scared of wanting things. Maybe they got in trouble because they were taking their time, enjoying things too much, or treating themselves too often. 

Lilith in Gemini / 3rd house

Lilith in Gemini can feel bad about talking too much or too little. They can  also feel bad about being smart or social. People might be wary of those who are very talkative, outgoing or show off their intelligence. They might feel like they’re not smart anymore because something made them lose their interest in learning new things. When someone is angry, they might say mean things. Feeling ashamed can cause people to behave in extreme ways and feel like they can’t control themselves. Learning to accept yourself is essential for feeling confident and empowered. 

Lilith in Cancer/ Lilith in 4th house

Lilith in Cancer or the 4th house can feel embarrassed about needing help or depending on others for any reason. She may feel uncomfortable or angry when she sees others who are similar without acknowledging it. These people were not able to develop their caring side and may struggle to ask for help or show their caring nature because of it. This problem can cause people to act in unusual ways and then feel regretful, which makes the problem keep happening. The more you accept and love yourself, the more powerful you become. 

Lilith in Leo / Lilith in 5th house

Lilith in Leo or the 5th house can feel bad because she wanted to stand out and be seen by others. She might have felt embarrassed for wanting to be the best at something or for liking attention. They might not feel good when people show qualities of a lion. Feeling embarrassed or uneasy about these situations can cause someone to act in extreme ways, making the problem worse. They must figure out ways to be okay with wanting people to clap for them. Being okay with who you are is important for balance and feeling strong. This can also happen with Lilith in the fifth place.

Lilith in Virgo / Lilith in 6th house

It is hard for Lilith in Virgo or the 6th house to be happy or confident about focusing on practical things like being organized, paying attention to details, and sticking to a routine. They try very hard to show that they are unique and not like everyone else. They are anxious about pleasing others and making sure everything is perfect. If you don’t finish a lot of your projects, it might mean that you expect everything to be perfect. This makes it easier to avoid the possibility of making something that’s not perfect. Acting very extreme and constantly overeating or throwing up can show that something is not right with the body. To feel stronger and more in control, it is important to learn to accept yourself. 

Lilith in Libra / Lilith in 7th house

Lilith in Libra or the 7th house can feel like relying on others or making sacrifices is wrong and a sign of weakness. This can make them feel uneasy around people who seem to need these things. If you don’t accept that you have certain important needs, you may behave in extreme ways in those areas. This cycle will continue and the problem won’t go away. If you learn to accept yourself, you’ll feel more powerful and confident. 

Lilith in Scorpio / Lilith in 8th House

Lilith in Scorpio or the 8th house can feel bad about wanting to be close to someone and have a deep relationship. They might not feel good if they show jealousy, clinginess, or strong attachment, and they may feel uncomfortable around people who are very passionate and attached. If you don’t accept who you are, it can make you do things that make the problem worse. Becoming stronger means learning to accept your own qualities. This can also happen with Lilith in the 8th house.

Lilith in Sagittarius / Lilith in 9th house

Lilith, who is in Sagittarius, feels bad about wanting to learn new things, ask questions, and explore. She also feels embarrassed about wanting to challenge what people believe and going on adventures to find purpose. People may not trust those who show Sagittarius traits and might feel uneasy around them. But when they feel very anxious, they might do too much or too little of these things. Believing in and loving yourself is important in feeling powerful. This can also relate to Lilith being in the ninth house.

Lilith in Capricorn / Lilith in 10th House

Lilith in Capricorn or the 10th house , may feel bad about wanting to do well in life and achieve big things. They may feel awkward around people who seem like they only care about money, status, and success. It’s not always easy to feel in touch with what you want for yourself and how others see you, but if you can allow yourself to feel these things, it may change your life. If someone doesn’t like doing these things, they might do too much of them and then feel sad later. To feel strong and capable, it’s important to be okay with who you are and not do things in extreme ways. This can also be true for Lilith in the 10th house.

Lilith in Aquarius / Lilith in 11th house

Lilith in Aquarius or the 11th house can make you feel unsure about wanting to belong to a group or community. You may become cautious of people who desire these things. To avoid overeating and feeling guilty, it’s important to fulfill our fundamental needs instead of pushing them away over and over again. Learning to love yourself can give you the strength to stop behaving in extreme ways in certain areas of your life. 

Lilith in Pisces / Lilith in 12th house

Lilith in Pisces or the 12th house may have felt bad or different for being emotional,  caring, or unsure, or for their beliefs, and may not like people who don’t like to be put in categories or who aren’t very confident. Ignoring or feeling embarrassed about physical and emotional needs can cause someone to have extreme behaviors where they repeatedly eat a lot and then force themselves to vomit. To be in control and feel powerful, it is important to accept ourselves. 

Final thought on natal Lilith placement

Remember that we all have different signs in us, and none of them are better or worse than others. But some of us might feel more comfortable or less comfortable with certain traits depending on where they were born. Saturn and Lilith show us behaviors we don’t like about ourselves. Saturn is the strongest indicator and Lilith is also important but less so.
To fix these problems, we need to admit and deal with them. Then, we can figure out how to use these qualities in a way that works well for us. It means making places where people are scared safe again.

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