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Cancer North Node: Embrace Your Vulnerability

Cancer North Node, Capricorn South Node

Regardless of your gender, with the south node in Capricorn, you are most at ease channelling the masculine energy. North node in Cancer encourages you to discover life beyond hard work, public recognition. You need to balance Capricorn’s tough love with Cancer’s nurturing energy. Having a physical home that provides a real sense of security is your key to ultimate fulfilment. Prioritizing your own self-care is an important lesson in favour of a more loving and inclusive attitude.

Embrace your feminine side, take your feelings into account for your success – whatever it means for you. Cancer north node is teaching you that your feelings, your physical home and your sense of home are just as important as your reputation and social status.

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Comfort Zone: Capricorn South Node

Having natal south node in Capricorn may indicate that you’re used to putting in a lot of effort and surviving in a harsh environment. You may have experienced many difficulties in your early years. There was always some level of duty in your life; some people had to deal with shortages, and some had a great deal of weight placed on their shoulders at an early age. You can’t help but continue the struggle for survival. Because of that you also learnt early in life that you can only rely on yourself, and also about the risk of showing your emotions. Somewhere along the line, you realised that expressing your emotions is the same as being vulnerable which is an invitation to others to attack you. Your Capricorn south node taught you to show emotions inauthentically, without being vulnerable.

This placement can suggest all work and no play, all logic and no emotion. There is an automated defense mechanism to slip back into logic and control. It’s essential to remember that being human involves being vulenrable and occasionally acting irrationally. By accepting this aspect of yourself, you develop your authenticity and discover your true self. Cancer is a manifestation of the unconscious mind, embrace it.

Becoming: Cancer North Node

Your task here is to embrace emotional vulnerability, first by acceptance and then by slowly moving out of the shell to those you trust. Pay attention to how you interact with those around you, particularly those who you considered close. Cancer North Node gives you the tendency to be overly critical. You can be particularly harsh with yourself. But you can also be harsh with others. You find it difficult to comprehend the emotional tendencies of people who have distinct personalities. Realize that you also have a sensitive, emotional side that you may have overlooked in the past. Understand that emotions and having emotional intelligence are essential issues. Instead of condemning, suppressing, or burying your feelings in work, you must learn to express, share, and understand their emotions in order to find meaning in life.The north node in Cancer indicates that you must master empathy and emotional awareness. This is not to ask you to forgo all the Capricorn traits, own your strengths for working hard, being able to achieve any goals you set your mind to, being responsible and reliable, while at the same time to achieve the balance by embracing vulnerability and empathy.

Know that you are lovable and deserve to be loved without having to go through hardships, accept the concept that not all good things come with a price, it is ok to have it easy.

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