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Meaning of Scorpio Midheaven (Natal Scorpio MC / Taurus IC)

Having Scorpio midheaven in the natal chart also means the native has Taurus on the Imum Coeli (IC), Latin for bottom of the sky. The midheaven (MC) is also the starting point of the tenth house in a birth chart, it is one of the four angles in a birth chart alongside the ascendant, IC and descendant.

While both your Midheaven and ascendant (rising sign) are outer-facing aspects of your personality, they differ in that the rising sign is more about first impressions and interpersonal aspects of your personality, while the Midheaven is more about public image and legacy.

Understanding the meaning of Midheaven in astrology

The Midheaven represents the worldly legacy you are meant to leave behind. This is not a planet or a constellation, but rather the highest point in your chart when you were born. It symbolises your career, worldly ambitions, public image, and status. It is the most public part of your personality and can provide insight into what career path to pursue, what you will be known for, or where you could succeed professionally. Understanding your Midheaven can also provide guidance on what kind of reputation you will leave behind.

The Midheaven is one of the four important angles of the birth chart, and it represents the point at the top of your natal chart. The sign on your Midheaven can describe the role you play to gain prominence in your career, avocation, community, or social situations. It speaks of your aspirations, ideals, sense of purpose, and visible accomplishments. The sign on your Midheaven suggests how you will make your mark in the world and what makes you feel the most alive. If you have a Scorpio Midheaven, you are razor-focused on making your mark on the world and feel the most alive when you are in a position of power and authority.

Scorpio in astrology

Scorpio is a fixed water sign of the zodiac that is ruled by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars. The Scorpio archetype is powerful, ambitious, enticing, and transformative, and is associated with sex, money, power, passion, intensity, emotional depth, and transformation. If you have a Scorpio Midheaven, you may gravitate towards careers that require a sensibility for dark, hidden, mysterious, and enigmatic things, such as researchers, investigators, psychologists, or forensic accountants. Alternatively, you may become a politician or a dark, eccentric artist, or have a career that deals with birth, death, sexuality, or the darker aspects of human nature. You can also be instrumental in aiding others to find purpose, direction, and meaning in life. Of course, much depends on your entire birth horoscope.

Scorpio MC / Midheaven

Individuals with a Scorpio Midheaven (MC) have a commanding presence that can either attract or repel the public. Scorpio is known for its extreme nature, and those with a Scorpio MC embody this trait. For those interested in embracing their Scorpio MC, it’s best to consult with a professional astrologer who can interpret their birth chart and life experiences.
However, some individuals with Scorpio MCs can have a negative public persona. They can come across as dark, exotic, and even dangerous. They may also be seen as Machiavellian, hard to work with, secretive, unreachable, strange, cold, and distant. This can make them difficult to approach and work with.

Taurus in astrology

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure and romance, Venus is also the rule of Libra. While Libra represents Venus’ aspects in a group setting, Taurus represents them in relation to the self. Taurus people love the finer things in life but they don’t like to share, even the information.

Taurus IC / Imum Coeli

The opposite angle of the MC is the Imum Coeli (IC), and Scorpio MC and Taurus IC are interconnected opposites. A Taurus IC provides a stable and comfortable private life for those with a Scorpio MC, which can help them establish themselves in the world. The foundation of a Scorpio MC’s personal life is built upon financial security and material comfort for themselves and their family.

For those with IC in Taurus, they may have felt misunderstood in their family and unable to express themselves fully. Their parents or caretakers may have deeply influenced their childhood with their own set of values, leaving little room for exploration or development of their own values. This can create a structured childhood, where deviation from the norm is punished, leading to stubbornness and conflicts.

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