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Natal Mercury in Scorpio: The Skilled Communicator

When the planet of communication is influenced by Scorpio’s investigative and obsessive spirit, those who have their natal mercury in scorpio are a highly skilled communicator.

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Mercury: Communciation & Intellect 

Mercury rules communication and intellect, the sign it resides in a natal chart reveal how the chart holder communicates and think. It is the closest planet to the sun, that’s why most of us are born with mercury that shares the same sign as our sun sign, if not, it is often just one sign before or after the sun sign. For the same reason, many of us have a combusted mercury where Mercury conjuncts the sun at a distance of fewer than 14 degrees. When a planet is in too close of proximity to the sun, its “personality” becomes strongly influenced by the sun and can lose its function. 

Scorpio: Natural-born Psychic 

Scorpio’s Plutonian energy goes into the depth of things, Scorpio people are highly intuitive and comfortable with the hidden and the unseen, some are even drawn to them. They are interested in finding what’s beneath the surface, and because of that they always seem to know a little more than the other signs. Scorpio people give off a mysterious vibe because they are highly protective of themselves, they reveal little of themselves and know how to lure people to share their darkest secrets with their deep understandings of human nature that are built through an innate awareness of the unconscious self.

When this Scorpionic energy is manifested in one’s daily communication and pattern of thoughts, it is not difficult to imagine that those with their natal Mercury in Scorpio can come across as a private investigator. They are hard to fool as they have the ability to pick up the subtlest hints from one’s facial expression or body language. They do not enjoy being engaged in frivolous conversations that are meaningless and provide no substantial information. Talking to those with this placement can be triggering at times because more often than not their questions will force you to take a hard look at yourself. Scorpio Mercury people have the ability to transform others through their words.

Celebrities with Natal Mercury in Scorpio

Tilda Swinton, Viggo Mortensen, Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Kiernan Shipka, Alexa Chung, Joel Kinnaman, Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson, Penn Badgley, Ethan Hawke, Kim Kardashian, Tracee Ellis Ross, Winona Ryder, Martin Scorsese, Tim Cook

Natal mercury in

Positive manifestation 

Those with Mercury in Scorpio are gifted with sharp observation skills and superb intuition. They are very emotionally aware and therefore have the ability to understand others’ intentions. They make good advisers and consultants because they have a deeper understanding of what’s going on behind the scene and behind people’s actions. It is of their interest to get to the depth of things and hate small talks. They are smooth talkers who know just the right questions to ask to dig out the hidden truths. They can make great psychics, writers, lobbyists and politicians. Their observations can help transform societies or companies with greater humanitarian values. 

Negative manifesation

When Scorpio Mercury is operating in a low vibrational state or if they have been treated unfairly, they can be highly destructive, be it the things they say or the way they act. They are very careful about who they let in and they don’t take betrayal lightly, not at all. If you wronged them, they will be sure to do all they can to let you know that you are on the wrong side. They will take you down with skills and acts and make you regret your wrongdoings. Low vibes Scorpio Mercury can come across as cunning and will use their charm to get whatever they want without considering consequences. They can become cruel critics and politicians (think Francis Underwood from the Hosue of Cards) who will risk it all to achieve their goals.  

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