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Money in Astrology: Uncover Career Potential & Wealth Indicators in Your Natal Chart

Money is without a doubt an important factor in our lives whether you like it or not. While some of us are blessed with a talent or unwavering interest in a craft from an early age, most of us who don’t really know ourselves in terms of career, just flow along the river that is the education system until it gushes you out into the stream of a profession that you naively picked at 18 or so. Whether you are just starting out or have already become frustrated young professionals, luckily some insights can be gained with astrology to help you find material success through fulfilling ways.


Money potential and wealth indicators in astrology

Predicting or finding wealth with astrology is no simple task and goes beyond the natal chart, but here are a few places to start in the natal chart:

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  • Sign on the cusp of 2nd house
  • 2nd house sign ruler
  • Planets in the 2nd house
  • Sign on the cusp of 8th house
  • Planets in the 8th house
  • Sign on the cusp of 11th house
  • Planets in the 11th house

*Empty houses does not mean poverty, instead, the houses of which your planets occupied indicate a focus in that area of life.

You can find the sign and its ruler from the below chart:

ScorpioPluto / Mars
2nd house sign & 2nd house ruler placement

The sign on your 2nd house cusps can give you some ideas of how you can make those coins, and the placement of your 2nd house ruler can reveal where you may make them.

Planets in the 2nd house

The 2nd house rules our value and possession, having Jupiter or/and Venus in the 2nd house are positive indicators that the chart holder is likely to be lucky with money if the planets are not afflicted. Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion, those with Jupiter in the 2nd should be careful with overspending and overindulging themselves with the material things.

Having Pluto in the 2nd house is another wealth indicator, but the individuals are more likely to go through tremendous rags-to-riches kind of transformation to gain wealth in their life. These natives should be careful not to become overly consumed by the power and greed that come with it. They will benefit from having strong moral values.

2nd house planets in good aspects eg. sextile, trine with the ascendent, midheaven or planets in the 10th house are also good signs

Wealth Indicators in the Natal Chart

Placement of Sun, moon and rising sign ruler

Your sun, moon and rising sign ruler are the most important planets of your chart, see if they are in good relation with the money and career-related factors in the chart

  • sun, moon and/or chart ruler in 2nd house
  • sun, moon and/or chart ruler in an angular house (1,4,7,10)
  • sun, moon and/or chart ruler aspecting ascendent
  • sun, moon and/or chart ruler aspecting mid-heaven
  • chart ruler in direct motion / not in retrograde
Placement of 2nd house ruler
  • 2nd house ruler in 2nd house
  • 2nd house ruler in an angular house (1,4,7,10)
  • 2nd house ruler is not combusted by the sun
  • 2nd house ruler in direct motion / not in retrograde
  • 2nd house ruler aspecting sun, moon and/or chart ruler
  • 2nd house ruler aspecting jupiter, venus
  • 2nd house ruler aspecting 8th house ruler and/or 11th house ruler
Placement of Part of Fortune
  • Part of fortune in 2nd/8th or 11th house
  • Part of fortune aspecting 2nd house ruler

Case Study: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s natal chart is loaded with wealth indicators, she has a 2nd house stellium with her venus, sun and mercury all falling in the Aquarius 2nd house, her sun is also the ruler of her 8th house, trining Jupiter and midheaven while making a sextile with her moon, her Jupiter also makes a trine with the Midheaven.

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