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Natal Moon in Libra

Natal Moon in Libra

Since Venus-ruled Libra is a sign for partnership and the planet moon represents our emotional needs, Libra Moon has a strong need for romantic and platonic relationships. They can feel very alone without someone to share their life with. Because of this, many individuals in this position enter into LTR or marriages when they are still fairly young. Due to their intense desire for harmony, peace, and sharing, those with a natal moon in Libra tend to concede a lot. They love interacting with people, are sensitive and kind, and relish stimulating discussion. They place a high value on mental connection with people.

Libra Moon: Cardinal Air

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) signifies the changing of the season, they are the initiator of the zodiac who makes things happen. Libra strives for harmony, people with Libra moon are the balance of whatever social situations they are in, especially with the moon – their emotion, connected to the Venusian sign. Their personal surroundings, social life, and of their interpersonal interactions are all affected by their need for harmony and balance in their life.

The feeling of security in relationships is important for Moon in Libra. These are the individuals that appear to require company every moment in their life, it is something they need to be aware of, and it is easy for them to forget about their own needs and identity. Libra Moons will always try to maintain harmony by putting others’ needs ahead of their own goals. They worry that expressing their feelings honestly will make people reject them. This has a double-edged effect since it prevents their needs from being addressed and gives the impression that they are lying to themselves and others. When Libra Moons learn to be vulnerable, they can enjoy relationships fully.


People with Moon in Libra are very charming. They are flirty and more often than not, are the heart of the party. They rarely resolve conflicts with aggression and because of that more often than not, Libra moon is very skilled at being passive-aggressive, which can upset some people, especially Aries.

While Moon in Libra loves peace and harmony, they are sensitive to the flaws in their surroundings and connections. In fact, until it’s addressed, everything that disrupts the “aesthetic” of their life will upset them. When in dispute with their long-term partners, Moon in Libra rarely leaves things unresolved until it is fixed, very likely through discussion and arguments, Librans are experts at winning arguments; in fact, they may not even believe what they are saying but will take any and all positions in an effort to get the last word. Living with Moon in Librans might occasionally make you feel as though you are in a courtroom with an experienced attorney, at the end of the day, Libra is represented by Justice in the tarot. On the flip side though, trust that Libra will use this strength to stand up for you when needed.

Feminine Libra Moon

Feminines with Moon in Libra are extremely attractive without apparently putting in any effort. Their demeanour and charisma can make a lot of people fall in love with them. While they may seem like they have no problem attracting romantic partners, and because of that a lot of people have an impression that they are not made for a stable relationship. But deep down, emotional security is highly important for the feminine Libra moon. Their indecisiveness can be borderline unbearable, before making a decision, they spend a lot of time researching and thinking things through. And this can only be occasionally bothersome and frustrating for people around them.

Masculine Libra Moon

A Masculine Libra moon can give an impression of innocence at first sight but really, they know more than you think when it comes to people. It is likely that they have an attractive voice, and knows just the right word to say at the right time, this makes them incredibly likeable in social situations. Masculine libra moon needs a romantic partner (or two) more than anyone. Venus, the planet of romance, fun, passion, and indulgence, and the elements of air and masculinity govern this sign. So consider what may occur if they all embrace a masculine feelings through the moon.

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