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Natal Pluto Conjunct Ascendant

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant

Natal Pluto conjunct ascendant makes you a very sophisticated and deep person. Plutonian energy is the central theme of your life. You have a strong ability to perceive emotional undercurrents, ominous material, and other information that is frequently concealed from others in order to penetrate the centre of any relational or situational dynamics you are involved in. You are ambitious, and when you are invested in a topic or the accomplishment of a goal, you give your all. This might even reach the point where you pursue your goals compulsively and obsessively. You value independence, as well as having the ability to act on your whims and forge new paths.

Pluto in astrology

Pluto is the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, construction and deconstruction, it rules Scorpio and the 8th house. Pluto is regeneration. As the god of the underworld, its influences lead us to the unfathomable depth, revealing harsh truths we are unwilling to face, forcing us to become a better version of ourselves.

As a slow-moving planet, it takes Pluto a lengthy 248 years to transit through the 12 zodiac signs, staying 11-32 years in each one to create generational influences. Pluto’s house placement in the natal chart indicates the specific area in life which we innately desire to assert control and have power over, this area is destined to go through many profound changes. Abundances in this area are likely as a result of these transformations if the energy is manifested positively. Pluto energy can be manipulative and destructive so it is important we use its power with good intentions to avoid backfire.

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The Machiavellian

Pluto is all about control and power and the ascendant is your image to the outside world. Naturally, with your natal Pluto conjunct ascendant there is a desire to control the personal image. You could become quite “into” a particular style or appearance for a while before fully changing it. You through several challenging times, yet you never completely know who you are. You give something your all when you do it.

Pluto conjunct ascendant gives you a superb understanding of the undercurrent of things and people, you are able to observe and perceive a lot of social clues or small details of events other often overlook. Since you are able to learn a lot about people from their “careless” behaviour and unconious choices and reactions, you are very cautious of what you put out to the world, you may come off as secretive or sneaky since you need a lot of privacy.

With natal Pluto conjunct the ascendant, your personal connections frequently revolve around power and control, which can become problematic if you grown too attach to having the upper hand. Even if you are not a domineering person, you could still be controlled and find it difficult to bear. Extreme is another adjective that describes this feature. One of your soul’s primary objectives in this existence is to learn moderation in all facets of life. If you cannot unwind and learn to let things go, your obsessive nature may take control of your life.

More detrimental side effects of this difficult feature are obsessions with control or perfection. Your relationship problems will get worse as your compulsions grow stronger. It’s not easy for you to forget and forgive, you can have extreme feelings of rejection or melancholy, and you might find it easy to develop damaging habits and behaviors. The dark side of Pluto manifests in violence, prostitution, crime, and addiction. 

It’s important to relax and have fun every once in a while even it is not of your nature or interest. Focus on your own goals rather than people, especially those who have done you wrong. Build a better life is the best revenge. Pluto’s will power and relentlessness is in your favour, use it wisely. Regardless of how dire things appear or how hopeless you may feel, you have powerful regeneration and transformational abilities. Drama will escalate matters when you lose control or become overly intense. The subsequent self-examination and transformation will lead to an evolutionary leap. You will grow spiritually as you overcome your fixation or bad conduct. There is no ceiling on your progress and accomplishments when this component is functioning at its best.

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