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Natal Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

Having your natal Neptune Conjunct Ascendant is similar to Pisces rising, you are very in tune with the Neptunian energy, you are perhaps more at ease in the non-physical realm, and enjoy indulging yourself in creativity, dreams, and unconsciousness. You have a great sense of intuition and there’s something about you that draws people in. Other people, the good and the bad, may project their own emotions onto you due to your sympathetic and empathetic nature.

Neptune in Astrology

Pisces and the 12th House of the Unconscious are both ruled by the planet Neptune. Dreams and delusions are the purview of Neptune, the psychic planet of music, poetry, ideals, intuition, spirituality, and compassion. The zodiac sign and astrological house that Neptune comes under in a person’s birth chart define its influencing power. Neptune rules our imagination, psychic sensitivity, and spiritual connection. Neptune’s position in the birth chart is related to the areas of our lives when we reject being constrained by our beliefs or restricted by convention.

Neptune represents the capacity for divinity, unconditional love, and cosmic consciousness. It demonstrates what is possible when limits are removed and the source is sought while it is at its highest frequency. On the other hand, at the depth of the Neptunian ocean is home to falsehoods, disappointment, ulterior motives, escapism and addiction.

Ascendant in astrology

The ascendant is the beginning point of a natal chart, it is the cusp of the first house, and the astrological sign on the eastern horizon when you are born is known as the rising sign.

In the flow

Neptune conjunct the ascendant can give you an actor-quality, the feeling of you can be whoever you want to be, whatever role you want to play at the time. You may dislike labelling yourself, while others may find it hard to relate to you or hard to know you. You gives off the same energy that is ethereal and mystical. This is the exact energy that may make it difficult for others to understand who you are, particularly when you are young, before forming a sense of self. As you get older, those around you may believe they know you, and you surprise them by turning out to be someone different from their impression and memory.

Since you are in the flow with the Neptunian realm and all things intangible, you can be easily overwhelmed by the realities of life. Money, a stable career and these sort of things may not interest you.

Lack of self-identity

Neptune conjunct ascendant may manifest as having a shaky sense of who you are or as not perceiving yourself realistically. Neptune has the ability to reflect its energy in a way that distorts the image it sends back to your sight. You probably undergo more life-changing changes than the majority of people. It’s possible that you feel insecure and unsuited for the world. You might constantly feel misunderstood. Because it’s difficult for you to perceive your “outside” self clearly, other people have the potential to alter how you feel about yourself. If you aren’t cautious to boost your self-esteem, some people with Neptune conjunct Ascendant have a tendency to lack confidence since you are unsure of who you really are.

Relationship with others

Neptune can act as a filter for other people to see from you who they want you to be. Despite the fact that you have a strong magnetic pull and that others are drawn to you, they are never quite sure who you are. You appear soft and dreamy when Neptune is conjunct your ascendant. You can have mysterious eyes that are moist in some way. Since Neptune is the higher expression of Venus, having Neptune conjunct your ascendant indicates that you have strong sex appeal. You may choose to be fluid in terms of gender and sexual identity.

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