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Venus in the 8th House

Venus in the 8th house

Venus in the 8th house

Venus, the ruler of Libra and Taurus, is a planet of love, romance and sensual pleasure, its natal placement in our birth chart show what we are innately attracted to or have interest in, and how we express our affections. The 8th house is a Scorpio/Pluto house, it governs transformation, sex and shared finance, it represents the fruits of the 7th house, the house of long-term relationships.

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Natal Venus in the 8th house

Having natal Venus in the 8th house makes you a deep person who tends to form close relationships with people on an emotional and spiritual level. Depending on your self-awareness and how your Venus is aspected, you may unconsciously seek out dramas in relationships just to feel the intensity, manipulative behaviour can also be a result of insecurity, you may try to keep a partner through sex or hold onto a connection longer than you should, but with experience and some self-awareness, you will learn that with death comes rebirth.

You are not interested in the superficial, mediocre connections that are without substances. Similar to Venus in Scorpio, your love life may go through a lot of changes, some of which you create unconsciously to test the strength of the connections. You may also find self-transformations and regenerations through your intimate relationships. Although you are eager to form close connections with people, you are hesitant to trust or reveal your true self. People will have to prove that they are worthy of your trust and it’s likely to be a long process. You are very devoted to those you decided to let in and don’t take betrayal lightly. You have an eye for aesthetics, you enjoy dressing up in the bedroom and decorating your home.

You are true to your feelings and would rather things happen naturally, for a feeling that they are destined to happen.

Venus transit through the 8th house

During this transit, you may feel a stronger magnetic pull towards your partner than usual, couples are likely to become more adventurous in bed or more willing to try things that they were hesitant to. Opportunities to meet a business partner or to start a joint venture will be increased, financial gains are likely through partnering. You may be more interested in what’s beneath the surface and are motivated to dig deeper, as a result, unpleasant truths may be unveiled. Interest in occult or esoteric subjects may arise during this time.

Venus in the 8th house synastry

The sexual attraction is undeniable with this synastry overlay, together you want to dive deep into the unknown or explore taboo subjects, conversations may revolve around the occult and death, the lesser popular topics, and through these kinds of conversations, a closer bond is formed. They may share with each other hidden secrets that they have been keeping to themselves. It may also suggest an opportunity to gain financially through the input or initiation from the Venus person. Both the Venus person and the 8th house person are obsessed with each other, the 8th house person may have the tendency to control the Venus person. Because of the intensity, it is likely to be a ride-or-die, love-hate relationship. Since the 8th house represents the taboo and the hidden, it can be an indicator of love affairs or forbidden love.

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