Mars, The Warrior Planet, Planet of Passion

Fiery Mars is energetic, passionate, motivated, and determined. It only makes sense that Mars is the modern ruler of Aries and the astrological First House. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and the Eight House.

Mars in astrology - infographic

Mars’s energy wants you to stand out, be seen, be counted, and get things done, Mars represents the individual’s strength and self-assurance. Powered by ambition and competition, Mars inspires us to tackle difficulties and be our best in all aspects of life. Aggression is a component of Mars’ strategy, but he also appreciates courage and dignity. This planet appreciates assertiveness and a brave, adventurous personality.

It’s vital to remember that Mars’ energy may be both positive and negative. Mars, the ancient God of War, was known for his brutality. While the planet’s energy continues to radiate, it also urges us to use it for good. Mars’ motto includes endurance, ambition, and success.

The sign placement of Mars in the natal chart reveals our underlying sexual nature, temperament and how we display our anger. What causes us to be furious, and our initial inclination to act. The character of Mars’ sign reveals our competitive nature. The house placement of Mars represents the areas of our lives where we apply our drive and exhibit our passion. Mars’ interactions with other planets are marked by action and self-assertion. These planets may symbolize the types of experiences we are looking for.

Mars takes about 687 days to travel through the 12 zodiac signs, and it goes retrograde every 25 months and each retrograde last about 80 days.

Natal Mars in Retrograde

Those who are born under Mars retrograde may have difficulty expressing their sexuality, competitiveness, or strength. As Mars energy is blocked, being straightforward, bold, or taking initiative may not be easy for these natives. They may be met with challenging situations that cause them to confront these issues and express Mars masculine energy in a healthy way.

Mars retrograde transit

Mars only goes retrograde approx every 2 years, and it does, it’s a good idea to think twice before you act, it will bring to light which of your goals require extra preparation before they can be implemented, the retrograde period will bring for the events that make you reassess the situation and make sure everything is in line before moving forward. Anger or control issues will also come to light during this time, don’t miss the chance to resolve them no matter how unpleasant it may be, as unresolved will only snowball moving forward.

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