Mercury is the planet of communication and the planet that sends the internet into a frenzy when it goes retrograde. It is the ruler of the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo, and the astrological third house and sixth house. It takes about 88 days to complete one rotation around the sun.

Mercury in astrology - infographic

It is associated with intellect and literacy, logic and reasoning. This planet encourages us to go from one thing to the next and seek solutions on a physical and psychological level. Mercury’s energy is nimble as well as observant. Mercury’s job is to bring us together. It allows you to communicate what’s on your mind. Mercury serves as a link between your soul and personality, as well as between you and others. Mercury is the planet that governs all types of written and spoken communication. This includes the body parts that let us communicate.

Your Mercury placement in the birth chart indicates how and where you communicate best. It identifies your ability to communicate with others and reach out to them. However, it also shows the area of life that would benefit from some tactfulness, as Mercury is focused on facts, details, and the need to be right. Negative mercury energy may manifest in a detached, calculating and self-concerned demeanour. For example, natives with Mercury in the 4th house may use logic and fact to analyse home and family matters, they may not understand the emotional values of such matters and appear somehow disconnected on the deeper level. Those with a dominant Mercury must keep in mind that life is more than simply a puzzle to be solved. People with feelings are part of life, and they need to be treated with respect and be put into consideration.

Natal Mercury in 1st house / Natal Mercury in Aries

With Mars influences (Aries’ ruler), Mercury in Aries people are those who walk their talk. they speak their mind in a straightforward manner, perhaps in a way that is too impulsive when they are young, sometimes their thoughts are faster than your words. They are excited by inspirational speech and when in a leadership position, they lead with their talk. With time, they are more able to talk people into getting what they want. 

Natal Mercury in 2nd house / Natal Mercury in Taurus

Taurus, on the contrary to Aries, is a slow sign. They may be slow to find words to express their thoughts and can come across as stubborn, as they are not very flexible in their way of thinking because they perceive changes as risks. However, since Taurus is ruled by Venus, they are considerate and sensitive to others feelings in their way of dealing with people.

Natal Mercury in 3rd house / Natal Mercury in Gemini

Mercury is at home in Gemini and the 3rd house, since the 3rd house rules our daily communication and immediate environment. They have a fast mind and are super chatty, it is as if they have endless things to say. They are curious about everything around them and is it through talking to different people that they learn about all the details. 

Natal Mercury in 4th house / Natal Mercury in Cancer

In their day to day communication, they may come across as shy, they feel easily hurt by what other people say, even when they don’t mean it. They can also be too sensitive to express themselves, but, when the situation is called for, when they get defensive, they are not afraid to unleash everything they have been holding back to say, and their speech can be very hurtful, and it may come as a surprise. 

Natal Mercury in 5th house / Natal Mercury in Leo

With expressive Leo representing your planet of communication. They enjoy giving a good speech and enjoy the attention you get from it. They are likely to be a charismatic speaker, they have the tendency to exaggerate or decorate their story to make it more appealing to the audiences.

Natal Mercury in 6th house / Natal Mercury in Virgo

Unlike Mercury in Leo, Virgo Mercury people want the information that comes out of their mouth to be factual and accurate to the T. Their perfectionism is seen in how their express themselves, they are always able to find the perfect words to describe whatever that is on their mind.

Natal Mercury in 7th house / Natal Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra people makes excellent negotiators, they also look for both sides of the story and have the ability to understand the intentions of different parties. They tend to use communication to restore harmony which is the domain of Libra. 

Natal Mercury in 8th house / Natal Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury Scorpio people make excellent detectives, they have the ability to uncover the hidden truth with their questioning, they just intuitively know how to do it. But they can also come across as manipulative in the speech whether it is obvious to the receiving end or not, as they tend to try to take control with their words, and can be calculative in their way of thinking.

Natal Mercury in 9th house / Natal Mercury in Sagittarius

Without a doubt, this is a placement of philosophers, Mercury in Sagittarius people are interested in higher learning and foreign cultures, they love talking to people from all walks of life for the sake of learning. They are likely to be multi-lingual. With Jupiter’s influences, Sag’s ruler, these natives can be overly optimistic and all talk and no walk. 

Natal Mercury in 10th house / Natal Mercury in Capricorn

If this placement is a career, it will be a politician. They are practical and goal-oriented, they speak with a purpose, if not an ulterior motive. They are very careful with their choice of words and will review the impact of their speech. They are always prepared for the worst and have a plan B. This is also to say they tend to be pessimistic and it can be paralysing if the fear is too great.

Natal Mercury in 11th house / Natal Mercury in Aquarius

The uniqueness of Aquarius is shown through their communicative style, they can be avant-garde poets or writers. Their thoughts can seem to be detached from reality, for their focus is on idealism and breaking out of the box. Some, especially the likes of Capricorn Mercury people, may find them unrealistic, but their visions are needed to propel humanity forward.

Natal Mercury in 12th house / Natal Mercury in Pisces

The Piscean imaginations and creativity are expressed through words and thoughts, but since Neptune dissolves all boundaries, it is very hard for them to nail down their thoughts, and put them into something tangible like a piece of article. They are highly intuitive, some are even psychic.Mercury in astrology - infographic

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