Neptune — the planet of inspirations and illusions — is named after Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. It rules dreamy Pisces and the 12th house, the house of the unconscious. Culture and music are also governed by Neptune, this planet changes signs only every 14 years, creating generational influences to the collective who are born under the same Neptune transit.

Neptune is empathetic, idealistic, and creative. Mysticism, dreams, psychic sensitivity, and all things ethereal are all associated with this planet. As Neptune tends to see things through a rosed-colour glass, it is also a planet of naivety, trickery, deception, addiction to drugs and alcohol are some of Neptune’s more negative aspects as its ethereal flare is prone to escapism. The placement in the natal chart reveals the area in our life that is fogged by Neptune’s confusing lens, where we are not able to see things or people for who and what they are; where misunderstandings or delusions becomes reality. On a positive note, it also shows us where our creativity and musical talent lie.

Slow-moving Neptune takes approximately 165 years to complete a full cycle around the 12 zodiacs. So, when Neptune change sign, it is a big deal astrologically, its influences are felt collectively and signal collective advancement.

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Natal Neptune House Placement

Natal Neptune in the first house

The self, the ego and public image are all under the umbrella of the 1st house. Neptune’s energy gives those with this placement a mysterious, alluring ethereal exterior, attracting people to them and want to be around them. With Neptune’s selfless influences, these natives may have a harder time establishing their own identity and tend to play the roles that others want them to be instead. It’s not easy for them to distinguish whether it is something they truly identify with or others expectations. Spending time alone will help them to be more in tune with themselves.

Natal Neptune in the second house

With spiritual and dreamy Neptune in the 2nd house of personal finance and self-worth, people with this placement are likely to make money doing creative and spiritual work that involves using their Neptunian gifts. Naturally, money and material possessions are not their priority, and they may struggle to accumulate a saving for bigger purchases. They may not see the capitalistic value of their talents and tend to sell themselves short, or work for free when they really shouldn’t. They will benefit from being more cautious when it comes to signing contracts and negotiating deals. Under negative influences, the natives could be the ones displaying deceptive behaviour towards others or trick others into buying their products or services more than what they are worth.

Natal Neptune in the third house

The 3rd house represents communication, the way we think and our immediate community. Neptune in this house indicated a dreamy mind, talent in singing, writing and tapping into the 5D, spiritual realm, including astrology. People with this placement may feel detached from or often misunderstood by their friends, neighbours and teachers. But at the same time, they are not interested in reality and may have problems keeping up with events in the 3D, they may spend a lot of time daydreaming and lose track of what’s happening around them. Despite the lack of focus, their intuition on those around them is on point. They will benefit from balancing their interest in the 5D and make more effort in communicating clearly.

Natal Neptune in the fourth house

With Neptune’s otherworldy veil casting over the fourth house of home and long-term partnership, people with this placement may have an early home life that is without a solid structure, one of their parents could be absent or embodies Neptune’s foggy influences in parenting style. Because of that, people with this placement may lack a sense of home or foundation in their identity and grow up longing to establish one themselves, it is also possible that they will turn to external sources for security and unconditional love. They will benefit from setting boundaries — in both giving and receiving love — when it comes to their home life and serious relationships. On the other hand, they may over idealise their parents or their long term partner, or have unrealistic expectations towards them.

Natal Neptune in the fifth house

The 5th house is the house of fun, fling and creativity and it is ruled by Leo. When it comes to dating, those with their natal Neptune in the 5th house may not have a type and tend to be attracted to people from different backgrounds because of the empathic quality of Neptune, they also prefer creative date activities than the usual ones. They may idealise their partners and not being able to see them clearly at first, they should be careful about attracting toxic people. On the other hand, they may also attract people with this tendency.

Natal Neptune in the sixth house

Clarity, logic and structure — traits the 6th house of work and routine and its sign Virgo call for, are not exactly Neptune’s strongest suit. With Neptune’s dreamy influences in this house, people with this placement may throw these qualities out of the windows or have a hard time establishing them in the first place. Artists, musicians, or any other creatives careers that do not require a traditional routine and too much attention to detail will be a good career choice for them. The 6th house also symbolises our service to others, those with this placement have an innate desire to help unconditionally and make the world a better place by helping others, but this placement may also make them extend their helping hand when not needed, or be delusional in the execution, making the matter worse.

Natal Neptune in the seventh house

Ruled by Libra, the 7th house is the house of marriage and partnerships, people with their natal Neptune in this house have an idealist approach towards relationships and idealise their partners / potential partners. They enjoy indulging in romantic fantasy, and they have the tendency to quite literally want to immerse themselves fully in the relationship or their partner, losing their own self-identity, they can be incredibly giving or attract partners of this type, they need to beware not to be taken advantages of, and they will benefit from asking dating or relationship advice from supportive friends and family who have their best interest in mind, or even better, let them meet their partners.

Natal Neptune in the eighth house

Neptune in the 8th house of sexuality, death and rebirth can bring about psychic experiences, like deja vu, and colourful, vivid dreams, people with this placement have an interest to analyse their dreams. They like to express their creativity in the bedroom and through personal transformation. With the right partner, they may have a desire to merge the physical sexual expression with the spiritual. They should be aware that their judgement when it comes to all things 8th house (sexual partner, shared finances) can be clouded and unrealistic with Neptune’s influences, which can lead them to a vulnerable position with the wrong people/situations. It won’t be easy — and quite likely they will learn this the hard way — but it is very important that these natives set firm boundaries when it comes to money and partnerships.

Natal Neptune in the ninth house

The 9th house symbolises higher learning, philosophy and travel, people with this placement are attracted to academia or the travel industry, these fields are the playground for them to channel their creativity and visions. They have a connection to the higher self and are spiritual and may want to explore the higher realm through psychedelics. They have a strong drive to explore and may not approach life practically.

Natal Neptune in the tenth house

The 10th house symbolises public life and career, with intuitive Neptune supporting this area of life, people with this placement are always “in the know” when it comes to trends and what are upcoming. They are likely to bring a lot of originality, vision, and creativity to their work, they will benefit from having a supportive manager or mentor in their early career as they may lack direction and dislike responsibility due to Neptune’s influences. This placement may indicate a career in art, media or charity. People with their natal Neptune in the 10th house will benefit from having a publicist since their own reputation and public image may not be their utmost concern.

Natal Neptune in the eleventh house

With Neptune in the 11th house of friendships, community and group association, these natives have a visionary personality based on altruistic values. They are likely to be well-known and may be involved in a lot of clubs or groups. On the flip side, they may have issues with dishonesty in friendships, confusion about a friend’s motives, or concerns with utilizing social engagement to avoid responsibility, as Neptune’s energy is prone to escapism. They have a keen social awareness and a strong attraction for groups that promote spirituality. Highly idealistic and optimistic toward themselves and society, if Neptune is well aspected, these natives will have the power to bring their vision to reality. They are empathic and compassionate with a desire to create a better world.

Natal Neptune in the twelfth house

The 12th house is Neptune’s natural abode, where Neptune’s energy feels most at home, this placement gives the generation a focus on spirituality, compassion and empathy towards humanity. Neptune runs things behind the scenes, these influences are likely to be expressed in a subtle way, and may not be encouraged, especially in early life. These natives are the dreamer and tend to indulge in fantasy and imaginations. Unless they practise self-awareness, it’s not easy to locate the root of these Neptunaian qualities and they may bring negative impacts to the natives’ life.

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