Pluto is the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, construction and deconstruction, it rules Scorpio and the 8th house. Pluto is regeneration. As the god of the underworld, its influences lead us to the unfathomable depth, revealing harsh truths we are unwilling to face, forcing us to become a better version of ourselves.

As a slow-moving planet, it takes Pluto a lengthy 248 years to transit through the 12 zodiac signs, staying 11-32 years in each one to create generational influences. Pluto’s house placement in the natal chart indicates the specific area in life which we innately desire to assert control and have power over, this area is destined to go through many profound changes. Abundances in this area are likely as a result of these transformations if the energy is manifested positively. Pluto energy can be manipulative and destructive so it is important we use its power with good intentions to avoid backfire.

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Pluto meaning in astrology
Natal Pluto Placement in the House

Natal Pluto in the first house

Having this placement in the natal chart is akin to having a Scorpio rising, those with this placement is likely to have an intense and magnetic presence as the first house symbolises our self-image and ego. Their mysterious and alluring charm (and intimidating to some) is the result of Pluto’s transformative energy, like a shiny armour. It could indicate hardship, chaos in early life that speeds up the healing and development. They may go through different phases in terms of their appearance and style.

Natal Pluto in the second house

Ruled by Taurus, the 2nd house represents personal finance and value, those with Pluto in this house will give their all to accumulate wealth as soon as they are able to do so. This placement can indicate money problems in the family when young and having experienced that, they are determined to avoid losing control over their finances when they grow up. These experiences also strengthen their intuition on how to deal with their personal finance. Their need to control their possessions could also manifest in people they care about. With more self-awareness, they will begin to understand that having control over something doesn’t necessarily mean having a tight grip over it for fear of losing it.

Natal Pluto in the third house

Mental activities and communication are under the realm of the 3rd house, Pluto in this house gives the natives an acute mind and investigative spirit,  they want to know all the nuances about every story they were told, every topic that crosses their path. In true Scorpio spirit, they are naturally suspicious of the information they get. Their communications are powerful (thanks to Gemini) and could come across as blunt, they can influence people with their words and have a knack for bringing out the dark side of those they communicate with, they could also be too obsessive with getting information out of people and being manipulative of others.

Natal Pluto in the fourth house

The 4th house represents our home, our feminine parent, our sense of physical and psychological belonging. Those with secretive Pluto in this Cancer house are very protective of their home and feelings, a protective mechanism that they learn fast and hard from a potentially chaotic childhood. This placement can indicate an unstable home and/or a controlling parent who wants to dominate them, building up a desire to find their true belonging and build a better and more stable home life for themselves. Even though their desire for emotional security is strong, they may find it hard to let their guard down because of their early experiences. Ultimately, what they need to learn is to provide that sense of belonging and security for themselves sustainably, be their own parents instead of relying on outside sources, reprogram their emotional well-being to be truly fulfilled.

Natal Pluto in the fifth house

The 5th house is all about creativity, expression, fun and casual dating, Pluto in this position indicate an artistic interest in Scorpionic aesthetics, occult, the theme of death. The light-heartedness of the 5th house is taken over by Pluto’s intense influences, things like gaming, casual sports and flings become “serious” matters for those with this placement. Light-hearted relationships, FWB, ONS, may not interest them since Pluto has a tendency to consume, to plunge into the depth of the abyss, these natives need passion and intimacy when it comes to romance. They may display premature possessive behaviour towards their romantic interests and expect the same type of energy in return. They may have a compulsive need to express themselves creatively and yet be held back by a hidden fear of being seen or criticised.

Natal Pluto in the sixth house

Routines, work and our service to others are governed by the 6th house. People with this placement may have OCD over their day to day routine and have a strong desire to make everything perfect, they have a tendency to be too harsh on themselves for little things. With Pluto’s intense and controlling influences, the Virgo traits of this house are amplified: power struggle, micromanaging, manipulative behaviour are possible manifestations, especially at work. These negative manifestations can be detrimental to their health in the long run. On a positive note, they have an unmatched work ethic when they are passionate about what they do and their presence at work is magnetic.

Natal Pluto in the seventh house

The 7th house symbolises long-term partnerships, with Pluto’s phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes energy in this house, those with this placement are likely to go through personal transformations through their long term relationships. Since they are the ever-changing creatures themselves, they will know that the stability the 7th house represents is hard to achieve, but at the same time, the natives want to be loved unconditionally. This conflicting energy may trigger their partners, causing destruction of the relationships (both romantic and platonic) or attracting toxic, abusive partners.

Natal Pluto in the eighth house

The 8th house, the house of death and rebirth, is ruled by Scorpio and naturally, it’s where Pluto’s energy sit most at home. This placement gives the natives a secretive and mysterious nature, they enjoy being under the radar, may have interested in the non-mainstream side of things like the occult, esoteric practices and witchcraft. They crave yet fear deep intimacy at the same time, this deeply rooted fear likely stems from their own traumatic experience from former partnerships or the financial turmoil of the people who support them. This underlying will draw them to partners that are controlling or perhaps abusive, before the natives heal themselves, they are likely to find themselves stuck in one unfulfilling intimate relationship after another. They benefit from channelling this Scorpionic energy in a constructive way since it gives them a tendency to pick fights when their relationship is “peaceful”, just to feel the intensity.

Natal Pluto in the ninth house

Travel, higher learning, philosophy and belief system are at the core of the 9th house, Pluto’s forceful influences indicate those with this placement may question the knowledge they were taught in early life, be it religion or school subjects, these beliefs were forced upon them or their teachers may not able to provide supporting evidence to back up their teaching, pushes them to go extra miles to find the full picture, to seek the higher truth. The truth of their earlier belief systems may be revealed in an unpleasant, causing a see of betrayal. They are likely to find their truth through their own experiences, through travelling. These natives want to know the answers to all the existential questions one may have, and share their hard-earned learnings with the world. However, those lacking self-awareness could be too blunt when doing so, imposing their beliefs onto others forcefully  — just like how they were treated when young.

Natal Pluto in the tenth house

The 10th house in astrology governs our social status, career and public life. It also represents our masculine parent or opposite-sex parent. Under Pluto’s transformative influences, those with this placement are likely to go through many changes in their career but all for the sake of realising their innate ambitions. They have a tremendous drive for success or to be recognised. They want to leave a legacy, to make their mark in the world. Their motivation, determination to pursue success is unmatched. It is important that they utilised their strong drive for personal power and authority with good intention and patience. Understand that overnight success will not last, at least not for those with this placement. They may be relentless in achieving their goals. This placement also indicates jealous and resentful competitors or peers, but as long as the natives are putting the focus on their progress and their own plan instead of destructive behaviour, they will eventually gain the status and power they deserve.

Natal Pluto in the eleventh house

Group associations and friendships are ruled by the 11th house. Pluto’s possessive energy in this house may make the natives come across as controlling in group situations, especially in early life when they are not aware of the compulsions. They are interested in Scorpionic topics like the supernatural, psychology, criminology, they may not find peers with the same interests easily in their early life, partly due to the niche and partly due to their blunt communication skills, which could cause unpleasant reactions. They have a desire to “investigate” everything, to know every detail but at the same time remain secretive about themselves as a protective mechanism. They are very loyal to those whom they have let in and do not take betrayal lightly. As they mature, they are likely to realise most people around them may not take their group expression well, especially in first meetings, creating a sense of detachment that motivates them to find their own tribe or isolate themselves. Nonetheless, this placement could make the natives a loner or outcast (a bit like Maeve from Sex Education), they benefit from trusting a little more and remembering that relationship is a two-way street.

Natal Pluto in the twelfth house

Also known as the house of the unseens, the 12th house symbolises our dreams, imaginations, subconscious, unconscious, all the intangibles that exist beyond our physical reality. This placement indicates tremendous power for spiritual awakening and healing of the natives themselves and others later in life. Those with this placement are highly intuitive of the psyche of others since the knowledge of the unknown realm will not come until you seek them, as a child, the natives may feel overwhelmed by the avalanche of sourceless information they receive from their own psyche and people they connect with. They may attract a lot of lost souls or even parasites who seek their healing power. It is important that the natives do not lose themselves to addictions, depression and destruction because of these overwhelming “responsibilities”. Isolation, healing themselves first is part of their life purpose and should be taken seriously. It is when they have done their own shadow work that they will unlock their tremendous healing power.

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