Saturn, the planet of responsibility and discipline

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Saturn rules the Capricorn, and Capricorns are known for their persistant and love for discipline. Saturn is the planet of hard work, perseverance, and limitations. Some refer to it as the taskmaster in the solar system, as it keeps everyone in check till the finish line. Saturn contracts where Jupiter grows. Saturn’s themes may appear reserved at first glance, yet the planet provides order that is essential for growth.

Saturn typically stays at a sign for 2 – 2.5 years, and it takes about 28 to 30 years to travel through the 12 zodiac signs, making it a significant astrological event the second time Saturn arrives at the location where you were born, which is known as Saturn return, usually happen between age 27-30. The focus and duration of each individual’s Saturn Return will differ according to a variety of factors.

Saturn goes retrograde once a year, giving us ample opportunity to lay a solid foundation in life.

What is Saturn Return

Saturn Return refers to the planet’s orbital return to the location where you were born. As the planet of responsibility and boundary, Saturn Return is said to induce existential anxiety, growth and discomfort, it’s like the checkpoint before we enter another phase of life, if we are not on the right path, its influences will bring about events that make us so, some may resist these events while others adjust and adapt.

The typical time for the first Saturn return is around the age of 27-31; the 2nd Saturn return around the age of 56-60; and the 3rd Saturn return at age 84-90.

Oftentimes, during our first Saturn Return, we quit jobs that arenot quite right for us and change paths to pursue our passions. It marks the begining of adulthood, Saturn makes sure what we building are built on a solid foundation, things that will stand the test of time. We either end or start new love relationships; let go of friendships that are no longer serve us and seek out those that will help, encourage, and uplift us. We lose our tolerance for nonsense and acquire thicker skins. This period is uneasy and unpleasant, perplexing and chaotic, and at times, violent. We also get a lot of knowledge. Anything that happens during Saturn Return will stir up a lot of dust, shine a light on the answers to questions we didn’t realize we need and force us to become the better version of ourselves, and hopefully, make the next Saturn Return will be easier.

Natal Saturn in retrograde

Those who are born during Saturn retrograde may have problems with setting boundaries and basic structure in life, naturally, they prefer a life that is spontaneous and has little responsibilities when young, deep down, this tendency may stem from a fear of not living up to the expectations. It can also indicate an absent or overly controlling father/fatherly figure depending on the aspects and placements.

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