In astrology, the planet Sun represent self-image, the ego and public image. It is the ruler of the zodiac sign Leo and governs the fifth house – the house of creativity.

The Sun is our outer identity, our creative capacity and ability to handle the obstacles of daily life. It rules one’s father, husband, and other masculine influences, including children. The Sun’s energy is powerful, and it brings with it authority, the capacity to lead, and a person’s essence, or fundamental being. We learn to present ourselves in the world through the will of this planet.

The Sun moves into a new sign every 30 days or so, bringing a different energy to move the world forward.

See how your sun sign manifests in your personality:

Sun in Aries
Sun in Taurus 
Sun in Gemini
Sun in Cancer
Sun in Leo
Sun in Virgo
Sun in Libra
Sun in Scorpio
Sun in Sagittarius
Sun in Capricorn
Sun in Aquarius
Sun in Pisces

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