Uranus — the planet of innovation and radical changes — rules the zodiac sign Aquarius and the eleventh house. It is exalted in Scorpio and fall in Taurus. Freedom-loving Uranus also governs astrology, technology, science, the internet and all unconventional ideas. Uranus influences disrupt the status quo to make way for something new to propel the society forward.

Uranus takes 84 years to travel through the entire zodiac and changes signs approximately every 7 years, making the planet responsible for the “seven years itch” which prompt us to move forward from stagnant situations.

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Natal Uranus House Placement

Uranus in the first house 

Those who are born with their Natal Uranus in the first house are change agents in the society, they tend to be eccentric, unpredictable — in the way they dress and act — and enjoy being unique, they also enjoy discussion of bigger ideas as they possess a cutting wit and an active mind. They have an innate desire to improve the world for the sake of community and humanity.

Uranus in the second house 

With Uranus in the second house, these natives likely hold a different view toward finance than most, subjects involving money are where they will express Uranus’ quirky and innovative influences. They will either be very creative with making money or rebel against the idea of capitalism.

Uranus in the third house 

With natal Uranus in the house of communication, these natives expressive themselves in their day to day communication in an eccentric and quirky manner. They tend to be extroverts who like to impress people with their quick wit, unusual ideas and humour.

Uranus in the fourth house 

The 4th house represents our home life and the feminine parental figure, those with their natal Uranus in the 4th house may have an unstable early home life and are brought up by unconventional parents. They could also feel detached and uncomfortable at home (the birthplace) or have a desire to move away from their home town or country. In some cases, they may become the unconventional parents themselves later in life and/or the black sheep of the family, depending on the circumstances this influence will play out differently.

Uranus in the fifth house 

Uranus in the fifth house is all about creativity, love and transformation. These natives have a natural sense of creativity and great adaptability. Their love life will always begin with a surprise. Your need for independence will lead you to engage in activities that others may seem strange, but their unconventional way of living may easily find an audience if they want to be an influencer or YouTuber. This Uranus placement is excellent for artistic activities, and these natives have a strong creative desire and naturally express themselves in a unique way i.e creative way, challenging the status quo or breaking the “rules” of whatever field they are in.

Uranus in the sixth house 

Typical nine-to-five jobs are likely to be a turn-off for those who have their natal Uranus in the 6th house. It’s possible that your desk resembles a disaster zone at the end of the day or even to start with. These natives are likely the trendsetters or pioneers of remote work or a new way of working. They like to explore ways to improve their workflow, sop, to get things done more effectively.

Uranus in the seventh house 

The 7th house is all about long term relationships, with Uranus in the 7th house, changes are needed to keep the relationships moving forward. These natives need to feel that the relationship is stimulating or they will seek it elsewhere or want to spice things up. They also tend to act unpredictably in this realm, which their partners might find difficult to cope with. Despite all the needs for changes and stimulations, their partner will know that it is just how they are, it is not like they don’t love them or care about them. Their ideal spouse values personal autonomy and independence as much as they do.

Uranus in the eighth house 

In the eighth house of other people possessions and transformation, Uranus feels well at home. These natives are a naturally open person who welcomes change. They are likely to go through numerous personal transformations throughout their entire life, in fact, they are actively seeking to improve themselves. Outsiders or old friends may be bewildered about how much they can change and have changed the next time they see them. Those who are close to them may be neglected — including their feelings — during the transformation as the natives are so focused on the process.

Uranus in the ninth house 

The 9th house is the house of philosophy, travel and higher learning, with Uranus in the 9th house, these natives love new ideas and unconventional beliefs. It is their passion to experiment with new ideas. They love to travel and to meeting new people, learning about various cultures and philosophies. Anything conservatives may turn them off, these natives see the sky as the limit and they are always on the lookout for ways to push the boundaries set by the actual world.

Uranus in the tenth house 

With Uranus in the house of career and public image, these natives are likely to change careers numerous times throughout their life and refuse to be labelled as a certain professional, if they are ambitious with a good work ethic, they will come out as a polymath later in life. Their execution is creative, their unique way of doing things will become their signature style if they manage to make themselves known in their field. They despise hierarchies and power struggles will turn you off. Unlike Saturn, these natives do not work for respect or recognition, they work because they like it. The 10th house also represents our masculine parental figure, they may have a quirky or distanced father.

Uranus in the eleventh house 

The 11th house represents friendships and community, with Uranus’ independence spirit, these natives will like to remain a distance from their communities and social circles and will not compromise their ideals to fit in just for the sake of it, and because of that, they may be a loner. They are likely to have an eccentric charm to them. To find fulfilling friendships or relationships, it is important that they seek people who share their beliefs.

Uranus in the twelfth house 

With Uranus in the 12th house of unconscious, dreams and the unseen, those who are born with Uranus in this house are altruistic and are innovative and secretive when extending their helping hand. It could be a sudden anonymous donation to their favourite charity or a groundbreaking initiative for the disadvantages. These natives are ready to express themselves freely via research, involvement in many activities, and dealing with the unknown. They are motivated by a burning need for freedom and an altruistic desire to better the world or their immediate community, but the mysterious 12th house influence will make them hesitant to express these desires or to be seen doing them.

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