Meaning of Venus

Venus is the planet of love, romance and sensual pleasure. It is the ruler of the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra, and the astrological second house and seventh house. Venus shows us how we express our affections and what we are interested in, it also represents the energy of the feminine.

Venus in astrology - infographic

Venus’ house placement in the natal chart shows the area of life where we want to be attractive and aesthetically pleasing. It’s also where we find beauty in the world and in other people. Venus is known for her etiquette, elegance, and sense of style. The world is a place that Venus feels needs a gentle touch. The environment should be maintained clean and beautiful, and people should be treated with respect. Venus can discover beauty in practically everything, and it’s not necessarily about physical attractiveness. Words or deeds of kindness may be beautiful. Compassion and service to others are beautiful things. Venus rules the home where beauty is sought and appreciated in a natal chart. Beauty can be discovered through writing or reading in the third house.

Venus is all about having fun, especially with a partner. In our emotional relationships, marriages, friendships, and other unions, this planet is concerned with love, passion, and harmony. Venus is pleased to share joy and kindness while also teaching us how to love and respect people and our possessions. The importance of interacting with and relating to people on our world cannot be overstated. Venus is also closely linked with beauty and art. Venus begs us to indulge our senses and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. Refinement, culture, charm, and elegance are all intrinsically tied to our planet. Venus is likewise concerned with the enjoyment we get from our belongings. Luxuries, delicious food and drink, a lovely residence all appeal to Venus. This planet encourages us to appreciate the beauty of things. In Venus’s universe, it’s always a sensuous place fills with luxury.

Meaning of Venus through the signs and house
Venus in Aries / Venus in 1st house

You wear your heart on your sleeve and fall in love very easily, you are impulsive and tend to dive headfirst into your love interests, though you may lose interest just as fast. Regardless of your gender, you like to be the dominant one in the relationship, you prefer direct communication, there may be a lot of make-up sex. Be aware that your sense of self-worth and identity may be tied to your relationships status or your partner.

Venus in Taurus / Venus in 2nd house

Being its ruler, Venus is at home in Taurus, you know how to enjoy the finer things in life and you have the ability to make enough money to afford the lifestyle that you like. Since Taurus is famous for being stubborn, there is a tendency to get too comfortable in your environment and it can indicate a lack of improvement. You are possessive with your belongings and may treat your partner like one. Your love language may be showering your lover with gifts and luxurious experiences. This placement also suggests a strong sex drive.

Venus in Gemini / Venus in 3rd house

With Venus in the chatty Gemini or the 3rd house of communication, you could be a sapiosexual who value intellectual connection over emotional bonds when it comes to romance. You like to keep romantic matters lighthearted and those who crave deeper connections may scare you away. You like to invest in your intellectual pursuit, you may have a subscription with each streaming service, you may have signed up to the Master Class, buying books on a regular basis.

Venus in Cancer / Venus in 4th house

With Venus in sensitive Cancer, you are a caring and devoted lover who is very protective of your loved ones. You may come across as submissive and emotional in love since Cancer is ruled by the moon. A lover who can give you a sense of security and recognise your efforts is most important to you. You love spending money on home decor, renovation or anything that will glam up your living environment.

Venus in Leo / Venus in 5th house

Leo, ruled by the Sun, is fun, light-hearted and love to be the centre of attention. These are the qualities you look for in a partner or display yourself when it comes to romance. Naturally, you are attracted to someone who you are proud of, whom you want to show off to the world. Affection and passion are also important elements to keep the romance alive, going on a date with you will never be boring. You love grand gestures and are not afraid to declare your love to the world. You may come across as self-centred though, so beware of that. Other than that you are an amazing lover to be with.

Venus in Virgo / Venus in 6th house

It shouldn’t be hard to guess that Virgo Venus’ love language is the act of service, while Virgo can be too analytical and hard-working for Venus, it makes you a practical lover to be with since you will always make sure your partner’s life is in neat and orderly (at least when you are in love), and you are always ready to pull out the spreadsheet and work things out properly. Virgo Venus needs to take a step back on your partner’s business and try not to criticise too much, even though your intention is good.

Venus in Libra / Venus in 7th house

Libra Venus is graceful and gentle, you do everything to build a rom-com like love life, you have the tendency to fantasise about one if not. You are fair and tactful towards your lover and expect the same treatment in return. You may dislike conflict too much that you let critical problems slide, you need to learn when to face problems heads on even if it means breaking the harmonic dynamic. Since Libra is an air sign, romance for you can be more about daydreaming about the perfect relationship rather than seeking one out in real life, on top of that, the hard work of a relationship may actually put you off as it’s not always pretty.

Venus in Scorpio / Venus in 8th house

You give off alluring vibes that make others want to get to know more about you. Romance for you is never light-hearted and you naturally seek deep and intense connection, you want to know your partner inside out. You can be quite guarded and it is not easy for you to be vulnerable, you don’t want to risk being hurt as you take loyalty very seriously. Read more.

Venus in Sagittarius / Venus in 9th house

You appreciate and see beauty in knowledge and cultures, be it languages, exotic places or philosophy. You love going to museums to surround yourself with objects from different times and different corners of the world.

Venus in Capricorn / Venus in 10th house

You may not express your emotion easily even to your close ones. You are attracted to hard-working and successful people who have a favourable status in society. You perhaps are more attracted by someone’s attitude and spirit over their appearance. Your love life and career may be linked together, for example having a romantic partner that is also your business partner.

Venus in Aquarius / Venus in 11th house

You are attracted to people who stand out from the crowd, or at the least, different from you, the most common example of Venus in Aquarius is being with a partner that is much older or younger than them.

Venus in Pisces / Venus in 12th house

Venus is exalted in Pisces, in this sign, Venus becomes selfless and able to give unconditional love. This quality may attract toxic partners however, with Neptune influences (Pisces’s ruler), you may not be able to see your love interests for who they really are and being taken advantage of, it is always wise for Venus in Pisces people to ask their trusted friends and family for a second opinion.

Venus Retrograde Transit

Venus takes about 243 days to complete one rotation and goes retrograde every 18 months or so.

When Venus is retrograde, issues relating to love and money may appear to stagnate, dry up, or go cold, it is not uncommon to face seemingly insurmountable challenges in relationships when Venus is retrograde.

Past flings or lovers may return to resolve karmic ties. Luxury shopping, plastic surgery or any other cosmetic procedures, big or small, are not recommended during Venus retrograde. Instead, it is a period for reflection and evaluation. You’ll probably develop an interest in someone or something valuable that would provide you joy. It’s conceivable to have a destiny encounter, and you may even meet your soul mate. If that’s the case, you should feel a sense of foreboding or comfort. It is, nevertheless, preferable to wait until Venus becomes direct before making a decision.

Nata Venus Retrograde

Those who were born under Venus retrograde may find it challenging to both give and receive love. Love may not make you happy necessarily and you might experience delays when it comes to love. You may experience periods of Self-loathing and social anxiety and even financial difficulties. Self-love, taking care of your look and your environment with moderation is an important lesson here as you also have the tendency to go overboard with these things.

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