Moon opposite Moon in Synastry

Moon opposite moon in synastry points to a fundamental difference between the two people on an emotional level despite the strong physical attraction.

The moon in astrology

In astrology, the Moon stands for our unconscious, our ingrained behaviours, and our most fundamental wants, the watery planet is ruled by Cancer.

The Moon responds to the Sun’s actions. How do we respond or react to issues out of the blue? What do we believe we require in order to feel secure? For solutions, check out the Moon in your natal chart. The mother and generally feminine energies are connected to the moon. The Moon represents both our mother and our inner child. It is open to receiving, reflecting, and responding. The Moon represents our impulsive and natural responses.

The Moon in our chart represents how we protect ourselves and ensure that we feel safe, secure, and at ease, much as the Moon surrounds the Sun in a protective manner and reflects the Sun’s light.

Moon opposite moon aspect in synastry

Moon opposite moon in synastry creates a strong physical attract, but it also points to a fundamental difference between the two people on an emotional level as the moon represents our emotions and desires.

Moon opposing Moon weakens the emotional connection between the two and creates a partnership where neither person’s innermost wants are satisfied. When the Moon is opposite the Moon, each person’s emotional thinking and reactions are quite mismatched. The relationship’s general tone is unsatisfactory; there is frequently conflict, distance, and friction; and neither spouse speaks or understands the other’s love language.

Not all hope is lost, Compromise is key

If you find yourself in a connection with moon opposite moon in the synastry chart, don’t give up just yet. No connection is dedicated by the synastry chart, let alone one aspect in the synastry chart, many other factors are at play, like composite chart, personal transits, progression and indeed, non-astrological factors. With other supportive factors, moon opposite moon, despite being an unfavourable synastry aspect, can be resolved. Also, some opposite signs work better together, like Aries and Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, on the other hand, can be more challenging.

Another important factor for the connection to work out is to learn to compromise, since the emotional needs and desires are different fundamentally, it may be difficult for you and the partner to understand why each other behavioural patterns at first. This can be worked out if both of you consciously create a common ground and accept others wants and needs, and provide them for each other.

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