Synastry: Venus conjunct Pluto

Venus Pluto Conjunction in Synastry

Venus conjunct Pluto in a synastry chart is not for the light-hearted and can feel very karmic.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty

Venus is the goddess of love. It governs both the capacity for attraction and attraction to other people and things. Due to the harmonic nature of Venus energy, peacemakers are frequently those who have Venus dominant in their astrological charts. Venus has a need for both appreciation and appreciation. Venus is the planet that governs, among other things, the arts, romance, love, money, beauty, leisure, sensuality, and comfort.

Your Venus sign stands for how you love and what you value in a relationship, how you approach dating and relationships, express your love and affection, and take joy in the finer things in life. Knowing your Venus sign in astrology may help you examine your romantic principles and dig into your love life from a new cosmic perspective.

Venus is particularly important in synastry, and major Venus inter-aspects are frequently found in relationships that are meaningful and long-lasting. Start by comparing the Venus sign, and see what jumps out to you, are the signs in the same element? Are they polar opposite pairs? This information can give you a head start in reading the synastry chart.

Pluto, the god of the underworld

The Pluto sign is a gateway into your subconscious, hidden goals, and secrets. You store all of your prohibited and very private wants, ideas, and feelings there. The location of Pluto in your astrological chart, which is linked to the Greek god of the Underworld, Pluto also stands for power dynamics, obsession, and even destructiveness. Consider your Pluto sign to be the position you keep to yourself, with the possible exception of your therapist, due to its unsavoury shadow characteristics. Those who were born under the sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, exhibit Pluto’s archetypal characteristics. Pluto is a metaphor for someone who can fall many times but always manages to get back up and come out stronger. Strong Pluto effects can help people overcome numerous personal obstacles while still displaying the willpower to be successful in practically anything they set out to do. Pluto is the planet that urges us to persevere through hardships. The darker side of Pluto, which emphasizes manipulation, cunning, and brutality against others, is used by some people to attain their aims because not everyone can take adversity.

When Pluto makes a personal planet contact, such as when it conjuncts the Sun, the Moon, or another planet, this is noteworthy in synastry. Regardless of gender, the Pluto partner usually has the upper hand and has the ability to quickly destroy their partner’s heart because of carelessness with their sentiments or deeds. 

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Venus conjunct Pluto in synastry 

When the goddess of love meets the god of the underworld, only one thing is certain, things are never boring. You can expect the two have a strong instant attraction to one another that may be both fascinating and scary at times. They are likely to have a strong emotional connection even If they have only known each other for a short time. Sometimes it appears like the Pluto person has a window into the Venus person’s soul, and they can use this unique connection for good or for bad. The Pluto person may act possessively toward the Venus person as the connection develops. This synastry aspect is one of the more potent indicators of high sexual attraction. The two are likely to find each other hard to resist, it’s particularly “dangerous” if either one of them is already attached. Singles can free fall and have great sexual pleasure with this aspect with little thought to anything else. This attraction is ardent, desirous, and persistent. 

Many would interpret it as a karmic connection. Although there is passion between them, it needs to be controlled to prevent a potential love-hate relationship. Another potential is also obsessive behaviour. More intimacy may be required by the Pluto personality than the Venus personality is able or willing to provide. This Venus-Pluto relationship exhibits many dramas and emotional ups and downs, and it appears to develop and evolve over time. Times of irritation is followed by revelation and relief because there is in no way any light or superficial connection between these two. If the two natives manage to stick together for the long haul, it is sure to be a hell of a ride.

One thing worth noting though, Pluto is a generational, slow-moving planet that spends 14 to 28 years in each zodiac sign. The same Pluto sign will be shared by everyone born during the same decade, perhaps more. So, only when the orb is extremely small or if Pluto aspects one of the five personal planets do Pluto’s synastry aspects matter. The aspect is highly significant if there is an orb of two degrees or less between Pluto and a personal planet. The only thing that can be inferred from Pluto conjunct to another Pluto sign is that two persons were born within 1-28 years of one another. Pluto typically attracts when it touches any of the five personal planets, but the duration of the attraction depends on other charts.

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