Full Moon in Virgo 7 March 2023

Virgo is the last sign that represents the “self”, from Libra and on we venture into the world through the lens of partnerships & collectives, in a sense, we can equate Virgo to the completion of self-realisation.

Meaning of Full Moon in Virgo


This Virgo full moon provides a window for reflection, on what we have started last Sept during Virgo new moon. What skills & routines have we established? Are they supporting the goals of our Virgo house, and ultimately our personal development? 

As the Virgo moon brings our awareness to practical matters, Pisces Sun reminds us to align them with our emotions and imaginations.  Additional influences from Mercury and Neptune, both in Pisces, amped up the needs to do so. Perhaps it is by integrating the practical and the fantastical that we can achieve the “perfection” that Virgo seeks.

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