November 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

A Taurus Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is happening on 8 November 2022 at 6 am EST.

Intense fixed energy at play

While new moon is about beginning, full moon is about ending and completion, a turning point for assessments and adjustments. The moon will oppose the sun, mercury and venus in Scorpio (fixed water) while conjuncting Uranus and North Node in Taurus (fixed earth) and squaring Saturn in Aquarius (fixed air). With all these planetary influences are playing out in fixed signs, this total lunar eclipse can feel extra intense is these heavy planetary influences.

Last eclipse of 2022

Eclipse always comes in pairs, and lunar eclipse always happen on a full moon, and when a full moon is also an eclipse, it is said to have the impact of 3 full moons. This Taurus total lunar eclipse is correlated to the October new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio, the pair is the last of 2022 eclipse season.

total lunar eclipse in taurus november 2022

The vibes

The lunar eclipse is an intense transit where feelings are amplified and emotions come one wave after another, there is no escaping, only confronting. This Taurus total lunar eclipse will aspect multiple outer and personal planets:

List of aspects:

  • Moon opposite Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio
  • Moon conjunct Uranus and North Node in Taurus
  • Moon square Saturn in Aquarius

With all these additional planetary influences all happening in fixed signs, prepare to expect the unexpected. To see where these energies are going to play out for you, check the house where the transiting Moon is located in your birth chart, this area is likely to be the focus for this Taurus full moon.

Adjust and adapt

During the transit, unexpected events are likely to come your way, acting as catalysts to end or move on from things and people that are no good for your next ride. The opposite is also true, you may receive an “upgrade”, like a job promotion or a new apartment, that will be beneficial moving forward. Whether it is a curve ball or a bouquet, you need to adjust and adapt quickly.

The lunar eclipse offers us an opportunity to do some housekeeping and stock-keeping before embarking on a new journey that comes with the next new moon. It is also an excellent time to look back on what you started in April’s Taurus new moon to see how things have developed.

In case you are wondering, the next eclipse will be a total solar eclipse in Aries on 20 April 2023 at 12 am EST.

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