Saturn in Pisces will disrupt life as we know it (2023-2025)

Just an hour after the Virgo Full Moon takes place on 7 March 2023, Saturn, the planet of cosmic intervention, is moving into Pisces from Aquarius, where it’d been residing since 2020.

Saturn is a slow moving transpersonal planet that takes 28-30 years to complete a zodiac cycle, spending 2-3 years in one sign.

When in Aquarius, Saturn made us reexamine the friendships and the communities we were in, taught us to set boundary if it wasn’t there already, at the end of the day, it swept this house (and your personal Aquarius house) clean so Pluto can come in to transform it with some proper structures in place.

Saturn in Pisces key dates

Saturn first moves into Pisces

7 Mar 2023 – 24 May 2025

Saturn in Aries

24 May 2025 – 1 Sep 2025

Saturn back in Pisces

1 Sep 2025 – 13 Feb 2026

Saturn in Pisces, let’s get real

Saturn is all about limitation and responsibility, it asks us to do what need to be done, to use our mind over heart to result, Pisces, on the other hand, is all about feelings, unity and fantasy, Piscean energy is indulging, it encourages us to go for our heart desires through creative expressions when it manifest positively, in the opposite light, it becomes addictions and illusions. Pisces is all about the moment and doesn’t care about real world results.

In the next two years, if we can incorporate Saturn’s realism and lessons with Pisces fantastical energy, the result can be very rewarding. Creative projects will find a way to manifest in this Capitalistic world and blossom, those who struggle with addiction / on the dark night of the soul journey will come out on the other side a lot wiser and healthier. It is up to you how to deal with the energy, Saturn last moved through Pisces between 1993 -1996, although this time won’t be the same, we can look back to this period of our life for some insights.

Past Saturn in Pisces transits

  • 14 Feb 1935 – 25 Apr 1937
  • 17 Oct 1937 – 14 Jan 1938
  • 23 Mar 1964 – 16 Sep 1964
  • 16 Dec 1964 – 3 Mar 1967
  • 21 May 1993 – 30 Jun 1993
  • 28 Jan 1994 – 7 Apr 1996

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