Your sacred fire: Asteroid Vesta in Astrology

In astrology, Vesta represents our dedication, inner flame and most of all, something that we don’t/shouldn’t share lightly. Vesta is the spark we need to persevere against all challenges and maintain our spirits even on the worst days. She is also the source of light that illuminates our path and enables us to enjoy life and our successes, ultimately she represents our vitality and light.

What is Vesta?

Vesta is an asteroid named after the Roman goddess of the sacred fire and hearth, which represent the vitality of the kingdom and its people. The chosen priestesses from the Roman Empire were named the Vestal Virgins, they were tasked to dedicate themselves to the Vesta Temple and look after the sacred fire for 30 years. Because of that Vesta is sometimes referred to as the “Asteroid of Dedication” and is associated with service, devotion, and commitment. By examining where Vesta is located in your astrological chart, you can gain insight into your deepest motivations and desires.

Vesta is associated with the element of fire and is often associated with passion, dedication, and devotion. Vesta is also associated with the archetype of the Vestal Virgin, a woman of purity and service. Vesta, as you may have guessed, rules Virgo and Scorpio. When examined in our chart, Vesta can offer insight into our deepest motivations and desires.

Vesta meaning through the Zodiac Signs & Houses

Our natal Vesta placement can also help us comprehend how we feel about our families and our homes. She is also the inspiration we all have within of us, the sacred spring which keeps us going. She ignites our aspirations and fuels that keep us going during difficult times. She represents the happiness we will have when we reach our objectives or realise our aspirations.


Vesta in Aries/1st House

With natal Vesta in Aries/ the 1st house, your soul mission is to preserve your freedom and independence. It is important for you to maintain your individuality and goals you set for yourself. When you are emotionally invested in your goals and are unafraid to face hurdles and competition, you have a laser-like focus. You defend your freedom to self-expression and you don’t depend on other people to motivate or encourage you. You are likely to give up your freedom and independence, and you may find it difficult to let go of who you are. This ultimately leads to the universal truth that the spirit and soul are always completely free and powerful.

Vest in Taurus/2nd house

With Vesta in Taurus/2nd house, it shines light no the need for stability and security. Vesta can help us examine our urge to take the time to nurture ourselves and to create a safe and secure atmosphere because Taurus is a sign connected with patience and endurance.

You are devoted to comfort and security. You are obligated by your responsibilities to safeguard both the resources that the world and you individually cherish. You could deprive yourself of financial benefits or things in order to discover your spiritual truth. You have a tremendous amount of toleration, patience, and determination. When you are surrounded by your house you’ve built for yoursekf, you will feel most in tune with your own inner self.

Vesta in Taurus can also suggest the necessity to maintain our focus on our objectives and lay a solid foundation for the future.

Vesta in Gemini/3rd house

Your gifts are your mind, imaginations, and ideas. You are dedicated to seeking knowledge and information, learning about the world, and you see information as a spiritual asset. In your quest to find your truth and core, you may be tempted to downplay your own intellect and intellectual prowess. Your path to self-awareness and acceptance often entails transcending and overcoming mental and cognitive habits by renouncing their influence over your life. Eventually, you bring the mind and the spirit—both in acceptance and love—together. Your sexuality is open-minded, carefree, and intellect-focused.

Vesta in Cancer/4th house

Cancer Vesta makes awesome parents, who can be at times a bit over protective/controlling. You dedicate a great deal of time and energy to keeping your home in order, on both the physical and emotional front. Home and private life is your priority. You have a good grasp of people’s motivations and are sensitive to their demands. You may cheerfully commit yourself to starting a family, according to this location. Vesta in Cancer tries to avoid the extrovert life. You feel best when you are in a secure environment free from outside pressure. It is easy for you to overextend your energy to your home and family, don’t forget to take care of yourself to replenish your sacred spring.

Vesta in Leo/5th house

Leo Vesta is forever a child at heart that born to be in the entertainment industry, you can also be very good with children. Getting serious maybe difficult for you with Vesta in Leo, other more serious placement like a Capricorn Moon/Mars can balance this out. Although you may be pretty selective with your circle, making new connections with people are where you feel most alive. When you dedicate yourself to create, you have a talent to spread joy and everyone love to be around you.

Vesta in Virgo/6th house

Vesta is at home in Virgo/6th house, being dedicated and attentive are the natural elements of Virgo. Perfectionism is your middle name. You also feel best when you helping other people or animals, you may choose to get into the healthcare or other related industries. Like Cancer, you can deplete yourself from paying too much attention to others, it is important for you to focus on yourself regularly so you don’t drain yourself out. Virgo is also about routine, you may want to craft out a meticulously routine and follow it through day by day.

Vesta in Libra/7th house

Libra is all about partnerships and aesthetic and it’s in relationship where vesta in Libra functions best. Relationships are incredibly vital to you, you value commitment, loyalty and fairness from the relationships you have, and demand to be treated equally. You have a natural understanding of other people’s motives and intentions, as the rule of the Justice card in the tarot, Vesta in Libra work well in law and negotiation. You may go through periods in your life where you have a full blown social life and times where you want to be totally alone, that can happens when you direct too much energy to the outside world.

Vesta in Scorpio/8th house

Scorpio is another sign that Vesta feels most at home in. With vesta in Scorpio, you have tremendous endurance for transformation. You can basically achieve whatever you set your mind to do with this combination. You are tenacious, and challenges only make you more resilient. You want to go to the deepest place possible and learn the subject of your choice inside out. When you commit to someone, you are totally theirs and you want them to be fully yours. There is a risk that you can be overly possessive. This placement highlights not only that you value emotional connection, a passionate, real, sexual connection is equally important. Since Scorpio and 8th house rule taboos, sex, other people and their resources, it is possible that you choose to dedicated yourself into related fields.

Vesta in Sagittarius/9th house

With Vesta in Sagittarius, it can be almost impossible for you to commit since your freedom is the most sacred to you. You are dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom and spiritual truth. You may be involved in religions or whatever school of philosophy that suit your liking. Academia is another possibility as Sagittarius always hungry for more knowledge. A job that requires ongoing learning is perfect for you. Since you tend know more than average people, there is a tendency to display self-righteousness which Vesta in Sagittarius can easily overcome with some self awareness.

Vesta in Capricorn/10th house

With Vesta in Capricorn, your public life, social status become your focus. You have excellent self-control and discipline. You can do almost anything well if you choose to. Structure is very important to you. Nothing can deter Capricorn Vesta from committing to their objectives since you have already thoughts about all aspects possible, including the return on investment of each and every goal. Your emphasis on self-actualization is due to Vesta’s placement in Capricorn. Being overly rigorous and neglecting to have fun is one of the risks of this placement. Work hard is in your nature, but don’t forget to play hard too.

Vesta in Aquarius/11th house

11th house is the house of friendships and ideals, With Vesta in Aquarius, you are the guardian to your community. In order to maintain a healthy friendship, you may need to spend a lot of time alone, and it is important that your friends respect and understand your desire for solitude from time to time. It is not easy to carry the whole group on your shoulders!

Vesta in Aquarius suggests that you need flexibility to do your own things, or you can become rebellious, especially when your superior at work or family try to assert their objectives onto you. You are attracted to humanitarian issues and have a sharp eye for social injustice.

Vesta in Pisces /12th house

Vesta in Pisces suggests a needs for connection and empathy, you have a desire to be of service to others and a source of comfort and support. You may explore your urge to let go and accept things as they are with the support of Vesta in Pisces. When you dedicate yourself to anything or anyone, Vesta in Pisces is totally immersed. The ugliness of world can trouble you a lot, and can be a form of motivation for you to create artistically. This is a great placement for spiritual and creative work.

Vesta Transits

Transiting Vesta activate the area of life that move into. If Vesta is moving through our first house, we know it is time to examine our own wants and ambitions for our life. If the 5th house in our chart is active, it is a sign that we should replenish the fire that fuels our creativity. If we have kids, we may need to take care of them and their needs.

How to find your Vesta placement

Now that you know more about Vesta in astrology, why not explore the power of this asteroid in your chart? Go to and choose Vesta from the additional object table to find out where Vesta is located in your chart and to gain more insight into its meaning. As you explore the power of Vesta in your chart, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your motivations, and you will be able to use this knowledge to guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

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