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Everything you need to know about Aquarius

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac that is associated with the water bearer and the eleventh house – the house of friends and acquaintances.

Aquarius have the ability to detach as fast as they connect. Indeed, their platonic friends may receive preferential treatment over their love relationships. On a one-on-one basis, they can be a touch unsentimental, but the fate of animals, the environment, or other social justice problems might bring them to tears. In some respects, they’re bohemian in heart, but they also get the job done.

Famous Aquarius / Aquarius Celebrities:

Christian Dior, Abraham Lincoln, Ayn Rand, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein, Charles Dickens, The Weeknd, Alicia Keys, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley, Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, Bobby Brown, Sarah Palin, Michael Jordan, Ed Sheeran, Shakira,  John Travolta, Chloe Grace Moretz

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Aquarius dates and planet ruler

Those born between January 20th to February 18th under the sign of Aquarius and is ruled by Uranus.

Eccentric Uranus is all about sudden changes, innovations, creativity, and defying the status quo. So it’s only natural that it rules the airy Aquarius. The energy of Aquarius is nothing short of revolutionary. It rejects the conventional in favour of new ideas, and it is constantly focused on the future of humanity.

Aquarius element & quality

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign. Yes, Aquarius is a fixed sign, which may surprise you given that it is a radical sign that rules the future. Their fixed quality, on the other hand, is seen in their scientific and logical thinking, as well as their emphasis on following rigorous processes to get the most exact outcomes. Aquarius moves forward, but not in the same reckless, impetuous way that an Aries would. Instead, they do so with absolute objectivity, their Fixed characteristic makes them tenacious in their quest for knowledge–and it’s a rare Aquarian who doesn’t find pay dirt with that type of determination! Aquarius is, after all, the sign of the innovator!

Aquarius personality traits

Aquarians are the misfits of the zodiac and they love it, they actually make an effort to be “strange”. This does not imply that they are the loners though since the eleventh house governs friendships and teamwork. Aquarius shine in big groups, captivating people with their unique senses of humour and lesser-known fun facts.

Aquarians value freedom, which is why they like to keep interpersonal relationships light. That way, they won’t feel terrible if they have to flee to the other side of the globe at a moment’s notice. This wandering tactic might backfire at times, leaving them lonely and alone. Too much closeness makes Aquarians uneasy. These free spirits are part of the world, and they feel unbalanced dedicating all of their energy to just one individual. While their friends are treated like royalty, Aquarius’ family and lovers are exposed to a different side of the zodiac: gloomy, brooding, nervous, and neurotic.

Aquarians care deeply about social justice and making the world a better place, and they regard themselves as a single link in a never-ending human chain. They care about others because of how others treat them, not because of how they want others to treat them.

Aquarius in Love & in Bed

Aquarius is most compatible with Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius

Aquarius is a physically passionate, honest, and sexually aware sign. An Aquarius may feel that sex may exist outside of love and that it links them more profoundly to themselves and their partner. Aquarius cares a lot about their romantic partner but does not feel that love means putting the other’s needs ahead of their own. In love, an Aquarius isn’t selfish; instead, they’re realistic and do what’s right for them.

Traditional values make many Aquarians cringe, that’s why they don’t “date”, believing it to be overly formal and outdated. Aquarians, on the other hand, discover their interests through social circles. It matters a lot to be open, honest, and eager to play well with the pals an Aquarius already has. Before committing to a genuine date, an Aquarius would want to have a casual one-hour hangout, and an Aquarius would prefer to split the cost.

Aquarius is all about being present and making the best decisions as a pair. Sex is a give-and-take for Aquarius, and he believes in constructive remarks, recommendations, and tweaks to make the sex even better. Aquarius enjoys being complimented on their accomplishments, engaging in bedroom discussion, and daydreaming about what they could do next. Mental games may turn Aquarius on just as much as physical ones; hot texts can create the mood hours before you meet in person.

Aquarius friendship style

Aquarius is one of the few signs that takes friendship seriously, and they prefer to retain, defend, and care for their friends throughout their lives.

They are the best match with fellow air sign Libra. They both like attending cultural events, attending concerts, exchanging literature, and debating ideas at all hours of the day and night. Libra can assist Aquarius to tear down boundaries and trust a little more; Aquarius can help Libra be a little less diplomatic. This connection isn’t necessarily based on words; Aquarius and Libra are content to be alone together. Aquarius and Libra don’t carry grudges and aren’t petty; they understand that everyone has a busy schedule and are alright if they don’t chat or text for a few weeks and then pick up just where they left off. Aquarius and Libra can relax their guard around each other.

Aquarius also take disappointment seriously and takes it hard, Aquarians see the best in people, but are irritated when those same characteristics aren’t seen in themselves. Aquarius sometimes feels compelled to be the cheerleader and mentor for others, and they want for someone else to take on that position in their life. Aquarians are open to anything and always consider a buddy to be someone they haven’t met yet.

Aquarius’ fixed quality pushes them to commit to long-term friendships. Aquarius also has the ability to form and found clubs and organizations, as their natural realm is the 11th house of teamwork. Aquarius is always the first to approach someone and listen to their story. Aquarians thrive on making relationships with others and never feel self-conscious in a crowd. Aquarians have the ability to entice someone into telling them things they haven’t told anyone else. However, Aquarius can be a very secretive sign, and many people believe they know an Aquarius far better than they do. Aquarius enjoys having a broad social circle, but it takes effort and trust to cultivate strong friendships.

Aquarius as parent and child

Aquarians children are born with a dash of brilliance and a daring streak to match. Begin socializing your Aquarius with peers as soon as possible; this popular sign craves the company of many people. These youngsters can be a little odd and out of the ordinary. They may astound you with strange remarks or odd habits. The greatest thing you can do is sit back and watch the performance. If you try to control their antics, they’ll revolt. They are kind to their siblings and despise seeing anybody treated unfairly. They’ll battle for the rights of their peers and stand up for the underdog. Encourage their feeling of humanitarianism and team spirit by getting them engaged in scouting, athletics, or a community service group from a young age.

Aquarius teens are self-reliant, individualistic, and will drive their traditional parents insane. Aquarius teens may be irritated by what they view as you not living to your real self, like begin stuck at a job that you hate. Aquarius teens will need some discipline and regulations, and collaboration is key, as they tend to rebel against any rules bestowed upon them. They will be more inclined to obey them without becoming upset if it is a collaboration. The more you appreciate the liberty of an Aquarius teen, the more they will respect you.

Aquarius Career & Money

Aquarius has a strong grasp of how a project comes together based on instinct. They understand what they need to achieve, yet they may struggle to communicate their ideas to others. Aquarius like to work according to their own internal clock and routine. They may want to work from 9 to 5, but they may also want to remain up all night. When it comes to the structure of their workday, an Aquarius goes with the flow and works well working remotely or for a firm that prioritizes product above time spent at a desk.

Aquarius can get along with everyone. They, however, may not like the political norms that govern an office, yet they can almost simply play by them. They understand that being pleasant at work makes everyone’s job easier, and they take their work quality of life seriously.

Aquarius believes that money comes and goes, but connections last a lifetime, and so prioritizes relationships over their profession or stock market investments. Money may not seem to matter to Aquarius, but that’s just because they’re adept at making it. Money is not a sign of power for Aquarius, but rather a tool that may enable them live a life they like.

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