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Everything you need to know about Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac that is associated with the mountain goat and the tenth house – the house of social status and career.

Capricorns are always trying to outgrow themselves as they need to prove their own abilities to themselves. They are not doing so to get attention from those around them, they are trying to gain respected, and praise is Capricorn’s currency of respect. They utilize this as a kind of affirmation to counteract emotions of inadequacy and inferiority. Capricorn is the most enduring zodiac sign in astrology, they believe that if they just keep pushing ahead, eventually they’ll get what they want.

Famous Capricorn / Capricorn Celebrities:

Kate Moss, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, FKA Twigs, David Bowie, Diane Sawyer, Kit Harington, Timothée Chalamet, Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper, Zayn Malik, Orlando Bloom, Mary J. Blige, J.R.R. Tolkien, Edgar Allen Poe

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Capricorn dates and planet ruler

Those born between November 22nd and December 21st under the sign of Capricorn and is ruled by Saturn.

Saturn is the strict, fatherly planet. Capricorns are all about being disciplined, they are motivated to climb that ladder and overcome adversities of all kinds. These Capricorn qualities complement Saturn’s tough-love attitude perfectly. While Saturn’s influence might be limiting, it encourages Capricorn not to take shortcuts and to put in the time and effort required to establish a really solid foundation.

Capricorn element & quality

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign.

Cardinal signs (the other ones are Aries, Libra, Cancer) are restless, self-motivated and ambitious. They are often the leaders in their circles. They can be a little bossy and aggressive, but that’s one of their finest traits.

Capricorn gets things going with an ultimate goal in mind. They are neither rash nor impatient like fiery Aries, and unlike Taurus, who is driven by money, Capricorn is motivated by maintaining and improving their reputations. Capricorn loves being praised for their efforts, thus prestige is a sweet treat for them. They have to put their name on something that is the finest they can accomplish. They work with the same level of commitment and intensity as a Virgo. Capricorn is constantly interested in gaining glory or renown for its own sake.

Capricorn personality traits

Capricorns are natural rule-followers who enjoy rigid rules, hierarchies, and SOP. Is it possible for a Capricorn to think beyond the box? Yes, they can, but they prefer to be constrained by rigid boundaries—free reign might make them feel paralyzed by choice. Capricorns excel at working their way up the corporate ladder, and they are exceptionally skilled at making and investing money. Capricorns adore their families and place a high value on traditions. A Capricorn may become stressed out by trying to do everything perfectly—they may feel obligated to serve a home-cooked meal every day and would never admit to using the drive-thru or ordering takeout.

Capricorns prefer to keep their closest circle small, some of them may even be their childhood friends. Capricorns believe in the power of everlasting friendship and value having a limited group of close friends with whom they have a long history and whom they can trust completely. Capricorns like to do activities in small groups or one-on-one, and they are not so much party-goers. Capricorns are notoriously difficult to come to know, but once you do, you’ll have a buddy for life. Capricorns are typically okay and enjoy spending time alone since their lives are so intense and active. They aren’t lonely; they are simply recharging.

Capricorn in Love & in Bed

Capricorn is most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces

Realistic and ambitious Capricorns understand, and even enjoys the difficult aspects of relationships. They tend to tie the values of things to how difficult it is for them to obtain them, this kind of traditional belief is not for everyone. They’re in it for the long haul, and they understand that even the finest relationships have their ups and downs. Capricorns are pragmatic when it comes to love, and they aren’t going to have a romantic outlook. They like the formality of early dating and may be adamant about adhering to dating standards. Capricorns are animals of routine and enjoy having a fixed weekly date night. Capricorns rely on regularity and may like spending weekends at home. Capricorns want to spend all of their time with their partner, especially in the early stages of a relationship, which can be annoying to their friends and family.

Capricorn values consistency in a potential partner and showing up for them when you say you will go a long way in proving your commitment in their eyes. They enjoy being pampered reasonably, take it slow, and understand that they may require space and time before allowing you into their lives. Their lives have been carefully built and curated long before they met you, and it’s not simple for a Capricorn to just invite you to their friends’ gatherings. Realizing that it takes time for them to let you into their inner circle and life might help you learn to hold back.

Capricorn isn’t particularly fond of new toys or positions, preferring to stick to the tried and reliable. They do, however, have a “why not” attitude, and their curiosity may encourage them to try new things, especially if their spouse is interested. While Capricorn appreciates the serious aspect of sex, they also like the funny side, and giggling in bed is one of their favourite pastimes. After all, one of the ways a Capricorn blows off steam is through sex, and they like a no-holds-barred bedroom where all emotions may flow wild.

Capricorn friendship style

Friendships are extremely important to Capricorn. They enjoy looking after their friends and may cook for them, clean their closets, or use any Capricorn abilities they have to make their friends’ lives easier. Capricorn pushes their friends to their limits and isn’t hesitant to tell them when their actions and habits disappoint them. Capricorn will not allow bad conduct to go undetected, and will gently remind a friend who has missed a birthday to guarantee it does not happen again. A Capricorn understands that while they may not always be the “fun” buddy, they do bring some pretty wonderful talents to the table.

Capricorns like combining work and pleasure. Friends that can help them climb the ladder in their careers are significant assets to them. Most of the time though, Capricorns are overly obsessed with getting to the finish line that they miss out on the journey. If Capricorns want to be fulfilled inside out, they must learn how to be flexible and to listen to their hearts more than their minds. Capricorns thrive when their plans are broken down into manageable chunks. Capricorns’ friends must encourage them to rejoice in their successes, not only the big ones but also the smaller milestones along the way.

Capricorn as parent and child

The old souls of the zodiac, Capricorn kids can be serious from a young age and they might be sensitive to loud noises and disruptions in their routine. Capricorn children might get obsessed with their hobbies. By demonstrating your excitement and learning with them, you may help to empower and spark their passions. It won’t be difficult to discipline them. Rather, because Capricorn children are born with a perfectionist tendency, the problem may be in convincing them to give themselves some leeway. Start socializing them with a nice group of youngsters while they’re young: this sign keeps childhood pals for life and may even marry their first love. They might become loners and misfits as a result of unstable early family life or many school changes. They will like commemorating family customs with relatives since they are family orientated. A weekly family night and a task plan will provide them with the firm foundation they need to succeed in the world.

Capricorns, especially if they have siblings, maybe preoccupied with what is and isn’t fair. It’s vital not to give older Capricorns too much responsibility since they can act like third parents. If a parent isn’t paying attention, a Capricorn child may be treated like a tiny adult, which isn’t beneficial for anybody.

Capricorn Career & Money

Capricorns are often called “workaholics”, they might be irritated when their friends don’t appear to be working as hard yet are still succeeding. They can get stuck on job assignments that demand creativity or unconventional thinking.

Capricorn is a trustworthy employee who is frequently the first in and last out. They appear to be able to handle it all and gravitate toward high-pressure fields such as law or finance. Capricorn thrives under pressure and enjoys the challenge of cramming as much as possible into a 24-hour period. Capricorns are excellent at creating boundaries and do not allow their emotions to interfere with their work. A Capricorn is a fair and demanding employer who expects their subordinates to work as hard as they do. Capricorns aren’t easily swayed by personal justifications, and they really want to see the job done correctly.

Outside of the office, art lessons or other creative hobbies can help them develop these soft talents, allowing their bosses to recognize them as the rockstars they are.

Capricorn is wonderful at making money, as well as a great saver. They have a sharp eye for investment opportunities and they love aside an emergency fund. Capricorn understands the worth of a dollar and enjoys saving money. A Capricorn may compare something online for a long time before eventually making the purchase, and because they dislike wasting money, they may need to be persuaded to spend money on luxuries—and for a Capricorn, even a coffee purchased out is a luxury.

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