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Everything you need to know about Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth and the last of the zodiac signs, it is associated with the fish and the 12th house – the house of the unconscious.

Fluid Pisces will adopt different demeanours depending on who they’re with. Pisces are dreamy like a piece of sponge that absorbs and let things pass through them. Their imagination has no limits, do not like being defined. To avoid having to establish cohesive identities, they tend to surround themselves with larger personalities.

Famous Pisces / Pisces Celebrities:

Steve Jobs, Kurt Cobain, Rihanna, Trevor Noah, Tyler, the Creator, Dakota Fannin, Lupita Nyong, Justin Bieber, Millie Bobby Brown, Eddie Huang, Ansel Elgort, Erykah Badu, Emily Blunt, Rashida Jones, Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore, George Washington, Dr Seuss, Jack Kerouac

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Pisces dates and planet ruler

Those born between February 19th and March 20th under the sign of Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Neptune.

Neptune is associated with the God of the Sea and Poseidon, its energy is dreamy, watery, it is fantastical but it can also be delusional. Under these ethereal Neptunian influences, Pisces is profoundly sensitive, poetic, it may be the most spiritually oriented sign in the zodiac. Pisces people have the tendency to want to disintegrate from the physical world to live their dream.

Pisces element & quality

Pisces is a Mutable Water sign. The Mutable quality of Pisces allows them to analyze and adjust to the sentiments of others around them. Pisces’ adaptability is so powerful that he practically becomes the person he’s attempting to help. This can be difficult for Pisces as they are so immersed in it that they take other people feelings’ as if they are their own. Pisces’ powerful mind continues to feed on the leftover emotions long after the other person has resolved whatever was bothered them. If you approach Pisces for guidance, do follow up with him later to let him know what action you did and what outcomes you got. If you don’t, your Pisces will be always worried about your situation.

Pisces personality traits

Pisces are sensitive, intuitive and almost psychic. Crowded places or overstimulating settings can quickly overwhelm them. Because they’re so focused on swimming away to a spot where they can have some daydream time, it’s sometimes difficult to tie them down. Because of the way they come and go in and out of your life, Pisces might get a reputation as a flaky sign. Pisces make attractive and wonderful companions when they emerge, especially because they see life through rose-coloured glasses. At least one fin must remain on firm ground for these fantasy-fueled individuals. Pisces are at their best when they are attentive and motivating.

Pisces people may appear calm, yet they are very powerful and have a strong sense of right and wrong. Their moral compass, as well as their instincts, lead them in the right direction. People pay attention when a Pisces speaks out. Pisces are wonderful people to approach for help on pretty about everything since they absorb everything around them. While Pisces has strong beliefs about the ideal way to live, when it comes to others, they take a “live and let live” approach, tolerant and nonjudgmental of all.

Pisces are likely to spend too much time in their thoughts, becoming absorbed in an issue without focusing on the solution, they just want to feel it. Pisces is one of the first signs to listen to others, but when it comes to asking for help, they might be closed off, believing that no one understands what they’re going through and not even giving others an opportunity to try. Pisces can benefit greatly from learning how to open up. Pisces might become irritated when they are perceived as “more complicated” than their friends, and this frustration can cause them to act or appear defensive. Pisces must learn to relax their guard, allow others to adore them, and accept that they will make errors.

Pisces in Love & in Bed

Pisces is most compatible with Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Pisces with their sensitive nature can fall in love very easily and believes that their lover will do the same. It may come across as clingy but Pisces actually see the world through two lenses: their own and their partner’s. They’re always striving to make the best decisions for all parties. A Pisces relationship is a roller-coaster journey that will make you feel all kinds of emotions. Even if you don’t have a long-term relationship with Pisces, the things you learn will.

The physical, spiritual, and intellectual realms are all interconnected for Pisces, and physicality is a vital manifestation of love in partnerships. When they’re passionately in love, Pisces may be very sensuous, yet this isn’t a sign that ever lies. In a partnership, Pisces wants total presence and is particularly affected by deceit. A Pisces expects and receives complete honesty in return.

For Pisces, sex is a profound experience that should not be taken lightly. Sex is an expression of real love, and any other motive would disgust them. Pisces will not enter into a relationship lightly or fast, but will first evaluate his or her prospective partner’s commitment and fidelity. You will let a floodgate of feeling toward your lover after you have committed, and you will defend your love with the utmost faithfulness.

Pisces friendship style

Friendship with Pisces can be tricky because they are all about their own imagination and emotions and are not interested in secular affairs. A Pisces might seem like a wonderful friend—until you realize how little you know about them. While Pisces are natural therapists, they can be guarded about who they are, only exposing their true selves once they have gained your trust—and even then, they may never divulge who they actually are. Pisces are most loyal to themselves. They will only give individuals in their lives a limited number of opportunities, and they will not risk their own health and well-being for the sake of another. In a friendship scenario, Pisces makes their conditions plain and will always be who they are.

Pisces are the best match with Cancer, as both Pisces and Cancer know that the guard they put up is to protect their precious emotion. Other than that they both have high regard for intellectual and cultural activities and like competing with one another. While the idealistic opposites of Pisces and Cancer might have strong disputes, the respect they have for each other raises the couple above fights. They may not agree with each other’s viewpoint, but they can respect it.

Pisces and Cancer both know that sometimes, the best way to grow a friendship is to leave it be, and while both signs are prone to jealousy, this isn’t the case when they seek out new friendships. They understand that you can’t grasp onto someone and that distance may actually bring you closer.

Pisces as parent and child

Pisces kids may require some assistance in breaking out of their shells and learning to play. The traditional parent/child boundary can irritate Pisces, as does when a parent instructs them to go play. Engage with them and join in the fun. Pisces youngsters like making up games and stories, as well as producing art, dancing, and performing other activities that may not appear to be “play.” Pisces youngsters prefer to play alone or with an adult rather than with a large group of children. Parents of Pisces children may wish to encourage their children to interact with children their own age, but the more they do so, the more a Pisces child withdraws.

Teenage Pisces can be grumpy, but don’t label them as such. They aren’t doing it on purpose, and the feelings they are experiencing are quite genuine. Allow them room and time to absorb their feelings, and reassure them that you will always love them, no matter how nasty or furious they are. Some Pisces parents have a hard time dealing with their children’s disposition. Keep in mind that this isn’t about you. This is about your Pisces adolescent figuring out how to navigate the world.

Pisces Career & Money

Pisces can have a variety of professions during their lives. They understand that nothing is permanent, but they also understand that the right career can help them achieve happiness. When Pisces recognize a route is no longer working for them, they don’t think it’s a waste of time to start again in a different field or return to school. Their chosen profession is another opportunity to learn and grow.

Working a 9-5 job might make a Pisces’ skin crawl. Pisces have a strong work ethic, but only when the task is worthwhile to them. Pisces will never remain late at work for the sake of appearances. Pisces may work alone and enjoys being totally absorbed in a job. Money isn’t always essential to Pisces, but they do value creature comforts, as well as the respect and prominence that money and a title may offer. Pisces does not want their effort to go overlooked, and if their supervisor does not recognize and appreciate a job well done, they will become enraged.

Money comes and goes easily for Pisces, they may believe that their reputation or recognition is more essential than their salary. Pisces are prone to squandering what little money they do have. It’s not unusual for Pisces to misplace their debit or credit card, or to forget to send an invoice. Pisces’ feeling of self-worth is unaffected by their output. However, Pisces understands that possessing money may help them avoid uncertainty and uneasiness. Pisces has a strong belief in their ability to be resourceful, and they don’t second-guess themselves when it comes to applying for jobs—even if they aren’t qualified for them.

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